Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bohemian Hipster

Its fun dressing up in a casual hipster style and adding some edge to it. Sorry I was away yesterday, had a sick stomach from eating too much. So Im glad Im better now!
I was at Greenhills shopping centre today for badminton and I shopped after that, so I wore shorts and a fancy top to dress down due to the kind of crowd. Im sure you all don't wanna be stared at, so you better dress down, depending on the kind of crowd. But I dress up a little bit more whenever I am going to a more designer mall.  So I shall say my style for the day is in between Pocahontas and hippie.

I know its a weird combination but its alright.   Colored shorts or high waisted shorts are the best casual wear ever with such a cute chiffon or graphic tank top. High cut gladiator sandals and combat boots are also the best casual shoes to wear.  Thats why I decided to wear a feathered fringe top with matching red shorts today and high cut sandals. I can even wear this outfit to a fourth of july event or a music festival but with combat boots and a flower crown.  Fringed bottom tops has been really popular since 2010 and I always loved them ever since I first saw one a TOPSHOP but it was too expensive.
They can even be worn with your bathing suit  as a cover up when your at the beach. There are also tutorials on Youtube on how easy it is to make your own fringed top with an old shirt you have! Im so going to do that! :)
This is part of my casual fashion tip if you are going to an event or a place that is not too air conditioned and how to be chill and if you need to dress down.

This fringe top here is from K8 Los Angeles that was only PHP 1095. Its really worth keeping it for over a year.  To match the look, I decided to wear a chain headband and Forever 21 Wayfarers. 

I got these red shorts from Greenhills Tiangge that was only PHP 250.  I thought it was such a good deal for denim shorts. I decided to mix colors in order not to look too plain. 

To stand out in a good way, I decided to wear these fringed sandals from Suiteblanco at SM Aura for only PHP 2,300 ish. Its one of the best new stores that came to the Philippines so far.  It was a really good deal for authentic leather. 

Style the days away!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Its not always about the loud bling, its about being colorful"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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