Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Trending Now: GEEK graphic tees

It looks like I have been spotting the GEEK graphic tees all over. There are also NERD versions of these. I first saw these with many lookbook users, Push Thru Marketing inc in Market! Market! and many other cheap stalls. This photo above is from the Fall Guide on Wet Seal's retail site. It will never die for sure. I plan to get one from Push Thru Marketing Inc. They are so cute that I can wear it with a maxi or a midi skirt. They come in different styles from tank tops to loose crop tops. But from what Ive noticed, they constantly come in black and white. Although Ive seen other colors too but I think that black and white versions are the nicest. They are one of my favorite trends of 2013.  You can also order from Facebook page, Wasteland Manila.  They sell the trendiest trends of the season.  This will so make you look Geek and Chic at the same time. So I shall call it Gee-Chic!!! The black and white ones can seriously be paired with any colorful bottoms or any patterned leggings (Look below).  Id wear this  with my galaxy leggings as well once I get a top like this.  
These are also super sporty and chic at the same time. They remind me of the number jerseys that are trending as well. 
Show some inner nerd with your chic get up!! Id rather be a nice and quirky geek than a queen bee popular! These days, popular is so overrated!


This has been Monica JLL Seet (Monichic) with trend reporting!

Your Style, your identity!

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