Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2014

Alexander McQueen has always been one of the greatest and edgiest designers ever that his products always catch my eye. I loved his Cruise 2014 collection and now I love this Spring Summer 2014 collection with a check mate theme. Some of them are seriously reminding me of Alice and Wonderlands' red queen. I see a lot of red and black are used for the color scheme/palette and I am digging the ones right below.  My most favorite ones are the cropped leather bustiers used with the red, white and black coats. Id love to own a leather cropped bustier someday if its not too expensive.  I can tell if its Alexander McQueen or McQ if its really edgy and if many skulls and metal are used. I still love his skull print scarves and his 4 ringed skull purses.  

From the trends Im observing right now, I think that checkered prints will still be back but except multicolored.  The inspirations I can see in this collection are partially Ancient Egypt with their golden necklaces and head dresses. Its great having inspirations from ancient times and modernizing them. Just like how animal prints were from the pre historic times and the heel-less heels/wedges are from Medieval Times!  I like the gladiator stilettos used in the collection coming in different colors.  The attire with checks and stripes at the same time are such a creative work of art.   I am also loving the feather dress way below and the color scheme of red black and white is going great for Spring that I can't wait to dress like that.   I think that the red and black vest is a great work of art and Ive never seen anything like that before. I always thought Alexander McQueen was always one of the ultimate fashion leaders.   Alexander McQueen always has super cool punk styles as well. Another outfit Im loving in this collection is the red and black leather skirt. It looks like its going to be a rocker girl theme for Spring 2014!

With the black and white dresses, I like how the crochet styles are paired with metal accessories to turn flirty into edgy.  Theres tons of work of arts in the Spring/Summer 2014 collections especially this one here. 

Rock on!
This has been Monica Seet (Monichic) with fashion reporting and critiquing!

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