Sunday, September 22, 2013


You Only Live Once! So Enjoy life! I always remind myself this whenever Im feeling down or something bad gets into my head. I just think of fashion whenever Im feeling down or insecure and also brag about myself inside my head, but just don't blow your own horn to others, you can sound like an arrogant person. I don't wanna be thought of that way because I know Im not arrogant. I also just love going out there to serve and to do charity work.
This is my other girly street style look (Jejemon in Filipino) or I shall say chic sporty in the pouring rain. I always like pink or animal print baseball caps that I wanna own a leopard print one someday maybe from ALDO or a studded one. I think Ill go with the studded one because I like studs too much and its more of my style.
I wore this outfit today to be comfortable for a rainy day because I walked from my house to a nearby Japanese restaurant.  Sneakers or boots are the best shoes to wet. But make sure they are not too expensive.
I had the best lunch of my life and I take my stress out by eating sushi and sashimi as well. Thats my all time favorite food and almost all kinds of Japanese food! But they tend to make me more thirsty sometimes.

Block lettered baseball caps has been quite a popular fad that has been on going especially the ones that say BOY and OBEY. But I decided to wear this YOLO cap as something somewhat different.

Here I got this Houndstooth tank from Greenhills that was only around PHP 300 ish. The brand is Express but its an export over run. I just love export over runs. The quality is still very good and they are always in style.  To be more feminine, I paired it with my black blazer from SM that was only around PHP 1,200. I am wearing my new belt from under accessories.  I decided to carry my Pink Longchamp (Lepliage) to go with the pink color scheme. 
To keep up with the trends of Fall/Winter 2013, I decided to mix this plaid bracelet with my houndstooth top. There are the two trendy prints for this season and Im more preferable of houndstooth. It looks like the 90's came back this year. I got this bangle from a bazar at a deal for 3 for PHP 100. 

I got this cap yesterday at Greenhills Tiangge for only PHP 200. You can get these cute affordable caps at one particular section. Just don't tell them your a tourist or they can charge you a lot of money.
I am wearing a leather skirt from Forever 21 that I got last year for only PHP 1175. 
I wore these wedged sneakers that I got for only USD$ 29.99 form Marshall's at Jersey Gardens Outlet and these are suitable for a rainy day fashion tip as I know they are not as tacky as wellys or Crocs. 
The brand is SODA. We only have rainy seasons here in the Philippines instead of Fall/Winter. So just stick with the color scheme and enough with the summer-licious playful prints.

-Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Comfort does not always mean plain"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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