Monday, September 23, 2013

DIY: Make your own pullover (Distressed Sleeves)


Welcome to my fourth DIY tutorial blog entry. This time I am going to show you how to make your own graphic pull over. This is something I did when I found a three year old faded sweater from MANGO in my closet. Knowing that its too hot to wear a turtle neck sweater in the Philippines and I don't have any place to wear winter clothes at the moment, I decided to make a pull over that can be worn anytime. Selena Gomez has worn a sweater like this before and thats where I first saw a distressed sweater like this. I like how Selena Gomez has a cool and edgy style, she is one of my favorite style icons besides Demi Lovato.
I've been seeing many distressed and block lettered graphic pull-overs being sold all over and are very popular with young women now a days. But make it your very own personal stye. So I decided to make my own edgy one with many studs on it and also using a cheap over a year old graphic tee for the design in front. I call it "Animal Edge"
I just love doing a DIY to my old clothes in order to save more money.

Materials Needed:

Thick thread

Thin thread



Block letter graphic tee

Turtle neck sweater or any old looking sweater

Now I am going to show you how made this whole Pull over:

Step 1:
First, find a turtle neck top in your closet. Use a Sharpie permanent marker to draw lines of where you wanna cut with your sharpest scissors.  The lines on this sample sweater from J.Crew show how I distressed my sweater and how I cut off the turtle neck.   For the sleeves, Make sure you don't cut the holes too big by not cutting them to far, just cut one side at a time then go in a rectangular format. 

Step 2:

Get your cheap graphic tee, a blending thread and a needle ready! This was only USD$ 5. 
But first, cut the the block word out along the lines of how you want it to look like on your pull over.  Then sew it on along the lines and add some studs as a border to make it look less cheap and also to make it stand out a little bit more. You can get tiny studs from a craft store or an old bracelet. 
I bought my studs at Carolina's in Market! Market!

Step 3: Sew the rest of the studs at the neckline of the pull over and at the bottom as well.


Now your finished!

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! Stay tuned for my new outfit in this pull-over as soon as I find some pieces that match.

Good Luck and don't be shy to show your personal style!,

Monica Seet (Monichic)

"Dressing differently does not make you an outcast"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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