Saturday, September 7, 2013


It is great that The Art Institute of NYC,Savannah College of Art and Design and Rhode Island school of design, etc. got to participate in Fashion Week. This can be a great training for students to know how its like to be a designer participating in fashion weeks and also to learn the responsibilities of a designer in a way.  It just takes step by step, to participate in these. Like fashion critic, Nina Garcia once said, as fashion design students, you can't showcase your designs right away at Fashion weeks, it takes practice and a lot of time. Thats her advice to all students and she will always be my favorite fashion critic.
These schools are part of the list of top 50 fashion schools around the world. If you all are considering fashion design, those are three of the top schools to consider.  Check out for more.
After seeing the shows of real pro designers and brands, I decided to check out the works of such talented students as well. There are just so many shows, that I wish I had all the time in the world to blog about all of them and check all of them out at once.  But the internet here is not very speedy and I constantly get videos that stop in the middle too much. Blame it on the rain and the storm that has been happening.
But anyways, Im glad they all stuck with the color palette for Spring Summer 2014. It looks like its going to be metallic and indigo for spring and fuchsia and neon green for the summer. When I go to Singapore this December, Ill get a pair of silver metallic skinny jeans to keep up with the fashion. Ive always wanted one of those but many of them are too expensive.

These were from Day 1 New York Fashion week. I am looking forward to checking out the videos from Day 2 at New York fashion week. Although Ive already seen the top five audience dressed in street style for NYFW Spring Summer 2014. It looks like anyone in fashion has a passion for fashion. I really can't live without it myself that Id love to be a pro blogger,stylist and merchandiser someday with my own fashion line on one side, designing shoes and clothes.
It looks like you all have a bright future in fashion design. Work hard, then you'll reach your dreams of becoming a pro fashion designer. To me it looks like these students worked so hard on their designs that I think they are one of the most unique collections of the night so far.  I love the dresses with a fan around the fitting pencil skirt. That will make a combination of tight and loose at the same time. I don't have pictures of these collections. So I just added the two fashion shows I watched on YOUTUBE. Check them out! You are all going to love them!

-Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Rushing and trying too hard in fashion are not options"
-My Own Fashion quote of the day

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