Friday, September 6, 2013

Spring/Summer 2014 | MB New York Fashion Week NYFW | FashionTV


BCBG Maxazira

Tadashi Shoji

Its currently the start of New York Fashion Week! These are the shows that Youtube currently has, for NYFW! They are from the channel, Fashion TV and it is one of those Im currently subscribed to. The color palette of the season are a great combination of Fuschia, Neon green and Indigo. The monochrome combination is also looking very beast with horizontal stripes this time and an evolvement from this years vertical stripes. Id love to get a summer dress with horizontal stripes. Thats what caught my eye in the Desigual Fashion show. Desigual is one of the best international brands, originally from Spain. What I have noticed in the clothes they sell are mostly very colorful in an artistic style. They also look a lot like abstract paintings and patterns. 
I liked how they combined the color palette on one top and dress for the summer looks. It was nicely paired with fuchsia shorts. 
 Id love to own something like that one day if it doesn't look old fashion because I have too many solid color tops! Maybe Ill get the Camille Co for Tomato collection. Those are so beastly designed.  

I think the choreography for this Desigual fashion show was one of the most creative ones, with the use of the red cape dress and also when a guy and a girl did a small dance on the runway. I thought no one has really done something like that before. 

Here is a multicolor dress from Desigual. I thought it was insanely artistic. Id love to get one of these for the summer. This dress looks like its designed for the summer with the colors and can be used for chilling at the pool side or going out at the same time. I also like the green sandals paired with the dress. It adds extra contrast to the outfit.  You can easily tell that its from Desigual if the clothe has a lot of abstract painting and patterns. Another thing in my trend forecasting book for Spring/Summer 2014, I felt I was right about the whole color rush trend. Im currently seeing it right now with almost the whole color palette and the use of indigo blue. Im loving it and I can't wait till they are in stores next year.

This one here is part of the BCBG Maxazira collection for Spring/Summer 2014. I am loving that color rush midi dress right above. It was almost like what I forecasted in my project from last year. I did not expect to be almost right about it and its easy to forecast if you look at the shapes of clothes and the colors of the season. WGSN is the site to trend forecast.  I think the white jumpsuit way above will be suitable for a summer on a luxurious beach resort or a luxury cruise. Or wear it with a nice bathing suit. I feel that its a little too revealing for wearing it to the mall. I never wear any high shirts or plunging tank tops for going out even if its summer. 
BCBG Maxazira is one of my favorite brands! I also love going to the outlet stores. I think that this line at New York Fashion week deserves a fashion award. I will watch more of the shows of the first day which was yesterday, as soon as more are uploaded from New York Fashion Week. I seriously wish I was there! Its looks insanely grand! already spotted the best dressed at NYFW. I also watched a show by a Japanese designer Tadashi Shoji. The collections were called Metallic and Fringes. I thought it wasn't like any other and very creative. He even brought the Roaring 20's back in a modern way! I also love Japanese Designers that I wouldn't mind finishing my BA in Bunka College, Tokyo, Japan!
Watch all the shows above for more!
I am also looking forward to day 2 of New York Fashion week!

-Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Trends evolve, fads are forever"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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