Thursday, September 26, 2013

Team 85

A chic and sporty look is one of the best chill get ups ever and one of my calm fashion tips.  I had to wear easy attire for medical examinations for my parents retirement visa here in Manila, Philippines. These were really easy to put on and still look stylish. I prefer to have a personal style that is not like any other. Edgy will always be with me forever in my heart. Jersey style graphic tees are currently in style and will never go out. Im gonna try pairing this with my TOPSHOP net stockings and printed or red shorts. I wore it with this maxi skirt today in order to make it look feminine and my bowler hat to make it look less plain.  Its fun trying out something you don't have in your wardrobe yet just like this football style crop top. Even though Im not a sporty person, I am into fitness and running only.

I am wearing this bowler hat from NAVA that was only PHP 200.  
This sporty crop top is from Push Thru Marketing Inc. that was only PHP 350. I paired it with my collar from trunk show that was only PHP 450. 

This triple fingered ring is from Market! Market! that was only PHP 100 and my spiky bracelet is from TOPSHOP Singapore that was only SGD$ 9 on sale.

I am wearing this Chevron print maxi with a slit from Papaya at Jersey Gardens Outlet. My Tita and my Cousin bought this for me for only USD$ 14.80. I thought its not a bad price and Id like to thank them so much for their kindness.  I paired it with a studded belt (I think I got it at Hot Topic?) I don't remember but I just found it in my closet. I like how these belts are classic and I remember I had one that was very cheap and broke easily back when I was in the 6th and 7th grade. I was always edgy since then. 
I am wearing these loafers from ZARA that I bought last year for only PHP 2,500. They are so comfortable and long lasting. ZARA has the best long lasting shoes for a decent price. 

Chill out with your fashion sense!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"There is a difference between chill and rags in style"
-My own Fashion Quote of the day

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