Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Designer Sneakers by Alejandro Ingelmo -- From The Vogue Closet - Vogue

There are always many cute ways wear sneakers in a really cute and chic way. What if you need to walk a mile or run as quickly as you can to call a cab or catch your train? This is what the VOGUE entertainment editor, Jill Demling said.  I like how she paired these Alejandro Ingelmo sneakers with a leather skirt and a denim polo. Its just so comfortable and chill at the same time. This is one super cool personal style. But make sure that your trainers are worn with the right outfit. If I had an outfit to go with my neon laced trainers right now, Id go for it. (Look Above)
I always love the VOGUE closet. The clothes are always looking trendy, ever since I saw them in the film, The September Issue.  Filipino Fashion blogger, Kryz Uy even had a cool outfit with trainers before.  Most of all I think that this is the perfect outfit with trainers.
Enjoy the short video.

I found some images on Google with such cool trainers.  Just Google "Outfits with Trainers" You'll find how the outfits are paired uniquely and the sneakers are paired the correct way. They still looks elegant but toned down. This can be casual wear to a park as well!
Fashion Tip of the day:

Wear metallic or bright colored sneakers with a plain skater dress or skirt. If your wearing it with a skater skirt, wear an open shoulder polo tee with an edgy bib necklace and stockings. If you are wearing it with a skater dress, wear stockings and a moto jacket. You can still look very elegant without trying too hard rather than having to run in High heels.

Try it out fashionistas!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Trying out different styles are like traveling"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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