Friday, September 27, 2013

Trending Now: Dripping Chanel Logos

Something has been added to street fashion! It looks like the melting Chanel logo tees are topping the edgy gallery.  They have been popular for months already that I think they are turning into a fad besides the graffiti Celine tees as well. Chanel is one of my favorite brands of all the classic high ends. I so think that one of these tees can totally go with my leopard print leggings if it won't look too cheap. It has become so popular that they even have DIY tutorials on Youtube. To me they don't look too hard to paint on. Just use fabric paints or get an already done Chanel logo and just add dripping details to the logo.  They seem to be sold at a decent price as well at Greenhills and Market! Market!. I at first thought I would look like a nerd in it but then since they are becoming trendy with street wear, then I saw that they don't look to bad while they are melting and as long as they don't have Chanel written on it and as long as its not printed inside and as long as they are not used in foul language graphic tees because they can look cheap and it doesn't look very respectful. 

Below, I like how it is paired with skeleton leggings. I found this image on and Its looking super cool and unique at the same time. But it could've looked better if it was melting a lot more. But the leggings are seriously to die for. I also love how this tank top is melting and its really thick.

Pop Artist, Christina Milian is rocking the high low tee with shorts and wedges. I think it will look better with vertical striped pants or leopard print leggings. I myself  would feel naked in this and I think a black moto jacket will also look great with this tee.  Christina Milian is also one of my favorite singers as I find some of her songs meaningful. 

Rock out with high end grafittis!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

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