Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rebelling Roses

Its fun spicing up your final presentation day look! I know I said I was gonna spice up a business outfit with leather and red stockings. But I changed my mind and decided to try out a new fashion style today with casual and elegant at the same time. While Ive always had a passion for fashion, I love to try different edgy styles I can pull off.
  Skulls and roses always looked rebellious to me as I know that they are popular with tattoo designs. But Im not a fan of tattoo prints and Ed Hardy. I just pair skulls with roses, my own way and I just don't want my looks to be flirtatious because it reminds me too much of when I fell in love for the first time. I also pair skulls and roses to express myself and edgy will always be a part of my identity. Im in a red mood for fall/winter 2013 then wait till you see me in Spring/Summer 2014, Ill be almost all in fuchsia and neon green. So stay tuned!
Photoshop piece I made

I am wearing a striped tank top from Gap outlet at Woodbury Common, upstate New York. It only costed me USD$ 5. 
I paired it with my red collarless leather jacket that was only PHP 845 from NAVA.  
This red metal belt here is from Tomato that was only PHP 300 and my necklace is from Y.R.Y.S in Market! Market! that was only PHP 175. You can get the cheapest bib necklaces there. They are very edgy and unique. 

This sheer maxi skirt is from NAVA as well that was only PHP 350 on sale. I can't believe it lasted and I bought it way back in January. Stuff imported from Hong Kong has one of the best styles ever besides South Korea. 

To match, I wore these open toed booties from Ever New. These are currently at the clearance section for only PHP 695. Its a great deal for heels. Have fun mixing and matching!

-Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Mixing styles and looks in one outfit are like blending a smoothie"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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