Sunday, September 15, 2013

Popped out of a Comic Book

I just popped out from a manga and an 80's comic book! I always loved anything to do with Pop Art and Anime especially Andy Warhol is one of my favorite artists. As a former cos-player, I like to wear Lolita or Anime style clothing sometimes that I sometimes wish to walk around in an edgy Lolita dress. I am also inspired by my favorite childhood TV show, Sailor Moon. Even Flat-form shoes (Spice Girls style shoes) are popular with Lolita outfits and all over Japan. Its another Oh the 90's which will always be All That.  Pop Art has been in style since the summer season of this year. But the color is red for the Pop art prints this fall and no more neon and other bright colors. To stick with the pink color scheme, I decided to wear my cabbie hat today to stick with the pink color scheme. Thank you to those who liked my Facebook picture of this outfit. Sorry for not blogging yesterday, I didn't have internet due to the killer/strong rain. I hate the weather at this time of the year.
Fashion Tip of the day: If you have a multicolored skirt with loud prints, wear a black top or a or a any thing dark to tone the skirt down. If you wore a bright colored top, the skirt won't have anymore contrast. It will be a total fashion disaster if you wear bright colors to this skirt.

I am wearing my bow front top from Ever New for only about PHP 700 on sale. I like how it can go with any bottoms or any solid colored Bandeau. I am wearing my Juicy Couture pendant I got last year for my birthday from a family friend. 

This fuchsia and orange mini purse is from COACH outlet I only got for USD$70. I thought its such a good deal for authentic leather. COACH outlet has the best deals during summer and it has gotten very popular. 

I am wearing this pop art skirt from Rue 21 in Franklin Mills Outlet, Philadelphia. It was only about USD$ 14.80. Rue 21 is one of my favorite stores ever. I am wearing a circle chain belt I bought quite some time ago at Tangs department store in Singapore for only about SGD$ 11 ish. 
I am wearing a pink and black lego bracelet to keep up with the pink color scheme from Claire's that my Mom got for me. 

To add color, I wore my most comfortable indigo flats that were only SGD$ 41. They are from ALDO and their flats and sandals are very comfortable and long lasting.  

Style around in harmony!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Painting with the colors Fashion is the best harmony"
-MyOwn Fashion Quote of the day

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