Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Moschino Spring/Summer 2014 | Milan Fashion Week MFW | FashionTV

This is by far one of the beastly creative fashion shows and the best brands in the world. These designs really suit the identity of Franco Moschino (The founder). He was known to be quirky in a good way with unique styles. I actually love that because quirky in a good way are more of my kind of crowd. It looks like the vertical stripes have evolved to horizontal stripes in almost every Spring/Summer 2014 collections.  The large checkered prints has also shrunken to smaller squares. I love how trends evolve that way, whether they grow up,flip or shrink!  It just moves your eye all over the place. So far I am loving Milan Fashion week with killer styles! There are more usage of color in this Moschino collection unlike Moschino Cheap and Chic who only used bright neon colors for a tropical theme.
I like how there is a specific theme for this collection and show. It is entitled, Saints and Sinners. I can tell its a theme of saints and sinners because towards the end, there was a devil dress and a religious dress with a cross necklace.

Right below, I think that the teddy bear head dress and neck piece are a great work of art and worth promoting in an art show. Why not if we can start wearing clothes with recycled stuffed animals. This is my third  time to see a fashion design like this. I remember Filipino designer, Francis Libiran made garments and accessories with Hello Kitty plush toys and lunch boxes. I can't get over those designs from last year. I remember also when I used to watch Wizards Of Waverly Place the best friend of Selena Gomez's character designed her own dress with a plush tiger sewn to the shoulder.   That was the first time Ive ever seen a fashion design like that. They are just so amazing!
I love adding quirky accents to my designs sometimes as well, like when I made fans out of recycled magazines and added feathers to one of my designs.

I can see that we are bringing the hip chain back from the early 2000's. I remember dressing that way back when I was only 12 as an edgy styled person myself. I also like how they made the classic Moschino logo belt differently with a chain and red fabric.  Its something new. We are also making the bustiers a great fad! So far, I am loving the small checkered bustier while it is edgy and rebellious at the same time. The leather cap is also very striking! Red, black and white are such great colors for spring as well rather than just pastel and monochrome.  I think Im thinking about the word seduction right now while I can see that fishnets were paired with shorts and a bustier. Thats what makes it rebellious, but if you wanna wear fishnets, make sure it doesn't clash with your outfit because sometimes you can end up looking like a fashion disaster.  Mostly, I like how this brand can still stay edgy for the summer! I only found two photos for this collection, so enjoy the video above to see more. 

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