Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Leaving me broken hearted

It's been said and done, that if you use your heart too much you get you heart broken more and hurt at the same time. This also happens with many women if they fall in love too easily. Ive learnt that from my past relationships. Im glad I got to learn these things after experiencing young love and if your blinded by love, its not love. Now, I don't wanna rush and my advice to you girls are to choose a guy carefully and see if her will end up changing you or not. Never listen to your doubters who tell you that you will never find love and get married because that will get you paranoid. I know that if your a humble, not fake and a nice person, you will find your right man. Whenever this happens to me, I always tell myself that it will happen to me someday when Im done with school and always stay humble then good things will come to you as a blessing.
 While I am only 20 years old turning 21, I can wait till a much better man would come along.
I decided to rock my flower crown again today with my hearts, skulls and broken hearts top to send the message about negative young love and unrequited love. Broken hearts and skulls are always signs of negative love. Its just like when you see a picture of a black rose or I shall call it an edgy rose.  Im not highly romantic myself so I always have to mix romantic looks with skulls.

I am also inspired by Demi Lovato's songs "Give Your Heart a break" and "Heart Attack". Her song "Heart Attack" states that she doesn't want to fall in love so easily. I am also inspired by Taylor Swift's songs as I know that she sings a lot about her ex-BF's and her relationships not working out especially that song"White Horse" when she sings "Im not a princess this ain't a fairytale, Im gonna find someone some day who might actually treat me right"
I feel that this quote is very true and I know that one day it will happen you just don't know it yet.

Here I am wearing a pair of crochet shorts from a whole sales in Singapore. My cousin bought this for me for only SGD$ 25. I thought its a good price for something that has a durable quality. These shorts has been a huge fashion hit for a long time.  My tiger head belt is from H&M that was only USD$ 5 on sale. H&M has great deals whenever they go on sale and they are really trendy as well. 

Here I am wearing my Skulls and hearts top from Push Thru Marketing Inc. that was only about PHP 450. You can order from their Facebook page or their branch at Market! Market! (Fashion Market) They have really cool and edgy clothes. This blazer is also from Fashion Market, that was only PHP 350. This is one of my favorite ones so far. 
I decided to keep with the gold color scheme so I wore this bangle I got at ALDO accessories last year and my bib necklace that was only PHP 150 from Metro Department store. 

I am wearing my open toed booties from Ever New. They were on sale for PHP 1,500 and now when I checked back, they have their very few last pairs for only PHP 950. Grab one now before they run out. These are seriously easy to slide in and are very comfortable.  Take my advise and rock on with your style! Fashion can be a therapy to help you get over a guy. It worked a lot for me.

-Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Styling is just like acting your expressions out"
-My Own Fashion quote of the day

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