Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bring on the Bling

Im back to blogging today with a street style look (Jeje in Filipino). Sorry for being away yesterday. I had such a sleepless night doing my Market Research paper. Its almost the end of the term, so I have two final exams coming up and a huge presentation next week.  We also had a lot to make up on due to the classes we missed during the typhoon season. So I might not be able to blog everyday next week.
Anyways, when I had a makeup class in this morning, I only had time to throw on a street style outfit using the same pieces in a different way because I am normally not allowed to shop since Im not an heiress. Im inspired by street wear Ive seen almost all over New York City.   But except, I decided to throw on heels to make it girly.
As much as Im a lover of Houndstooth prints, this fall I decided to wear this new jacket for the second time.
Ill eventually shop more for new clothes, maybe after this term ends next week. Ill have more time that way because now, I need to study for a big test and make my finals the best. Ill try my best.

Anyways heres a fashion tip on how to wear the same pieces differently, find other stuff in your closet to match with it. That can make your outfit look different. Its not like repeating your outfits more than once. Never have movie star behaviors with just using pieces in your closet only once. That can be a waste. Its just fun to mix and match like a mixed media!

Here I am wearing this Houndstooth jacket from a friend who does private selling. It was only PHP 450. My leather cap is from People Are People. The hats there are only about PHP 399. I paired my blazer with my newest graphic tee from MANGO that was on sale for only PHP 595. 

I am wearing my Michael Kors (MK) skinny zipper sided pants that were only USD$ 30. I got them at Camarillo outlets in Southern California last year. The deals are insanely good there and its better to get long lasting clothes that can go with anything.

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