Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Houndstooth layers

Houndstooth is in the air this fall/winter 2013. Sorry about the photo quality and the background, I'll have a much better picture with this blazer next time. (Different outfit) I knew that houndstooth was going to be one of the trends this fall/winter because I first saw them in the Dior fashion show. It was also featured in one of the magazines here in the Philippines. It was entitled, trend alert. Ive also noticed that they've been selling more houndstooth than ever. It really is rocking the season and that is my most favorite trend from the 90's. I find it more edgier than plaid. I had to double up today while its always so cold in my classes. 
This was all I could throw on and thats what sucks about having morning classes. Hopefully Ill have a better outfit tomorrow, but heres a fashion tip on how to stay stylish if you have little time to prepare. Don't dress in too many layers or headdresses.  Find the lovely classic colored pieces in your wardrobe to match better, then wear cute bright colored shoes.

Skull and houndstooth one of the best combos ever. This houndstooth blazer can also be worn with a colored graphic tee that is not too printed. 

Here I am wearing a houndstooth blazer I bought from one of my college buds who does private selling on her FB page. She sells very unique items that Ive never really seen.  It was only PHP 450. 
I paired it with my USD$ 10.00 polo shirt from Marshall's. 
I am wearing a skull bib necklace from a store in Market! Market! called YRS that was only PHP 175. They have the best edgy and affordable accessories at that store. The clothes and leg wear are also very styling!

I am wearing a pair of pleather leggings from Wet Seal in Bakersfield, CA that was only USD$ 14 ish. I forgot. Wet Seal is also one of my favorite stores and good for students on a budget. 

Here is a closeup of the ALDO color block booties. I told you guys in the past entries, how much they were. If you convert the price to PHP, they are only PHP 1,200.  Hope you all stay chic and edgy this fall! Leather rules baby!

Keep On Rocking!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Let your hot stilettos throw off the outfit if its more simple"
-My Own fashion quote of the day

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