Monday, September 2, 2013

Alessa Spring/Summer 2014 Show | Fashion Rio | FashionTV

Spring/Summer 2014 Collections are finally being showcased. This was taken from the fashion week at Rio, Brazil. It looks like the colors of the season will be mint, neon and fuchsia and still sticking with the black and white range for spring. This is the only fashion week with women's clothing in it. The ones I saw constantly were mens clothing that are not as trendy of course as women's and all I saw were black and white mostly. So I can't wait to see the other brands spring/summer 2014 shows with women's wear. Thats what I constantly design for fun, although Ive designed a mens jacket before!
I remember I did a project in textiles class on trend forecasting for Spring/Summer 2014 last year.
So these two colors used in this collection, I guessed right. I even designed a stiletto shoe with these colors in it.  It was really fun and I just love looking at these colors. Below, are the pages of the project with the color palette and trends I guessed right.  Sorry if its messy, I was having too many late nights at that time and it was a whole lot of 30 pages to cover.  It was pretty tough while I had a boyfriend who distracted me a little. So never get caught up on these things.
I wouldn't encourage you all to have such an active lifestyle honestly speaking. It can affect your work. I just love fashion and Im so happy that I got the course I want and that I only have two terms here at Raffles Design Institute Manila before I head to London, Milan or Singapore to get my full BA! Then I can take an extra knowledge  one year course in America two years later. (Fashion or Shoe design)

I am also looking forward to seeing the collections at Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 next month. Casting for the SM Shoes and Bags are are ready happening! If you've got the required height and shoe size, go for the tryout! I enjoyed that show last year.
The video above is a Spring/Summer 2013 collection by Brazillian fashion designer, Alessa Migani. It is also my favorite one so far with the cute and lively prints and colors. The color combination palette is also the cutest so far. It looks like color rush to me. I can also see the evolvement from the Neon and stripes trends from Spring.Summer 2013.
Stay Tuned for more!!
 Color Palette Spring.Summer 2014

The Shoe I designed that I almost used the right colors.

-Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"You can predict future trends with such a sharp eye"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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