Friday, September 13, 2013


Betsey Johnson


I just can't get enough of New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014! So I watched more shows as the days of NYFW went by. I never counted how many I watched. There is just so many. After watching these shows above, now I can see that the key trends for Spring/Summer 2014 will be high cut Gladiator boots, high waist shorts with crop tops and some bohemian style.  
So far I can tell that the color for spring is pastel pink and purple as Ive seen in Alexander Wang's collection and also Betsey Johnson's and tutu dresses.  I also like how she used black and white for her leopard prints. I like how she designs them because its not like any other.
 I know it will be prom season before your school year ends, so why not stay in with one of Betsey Johnson's pastel purple tutu dresses? You will stand out in a good way in such a unique dress. I love how Betsey Johnson used pink wigs to match her collections.  The fingerless gloves in the collections are also super cute and I like how her style is very different and loud in a good way. Thats what makes her creative. I call her the ultimate fashion leader. Her brands will always be one of my favorites and check out her designs below. I love how she also included her signature necklace in the collection. Id also love to own the black and leopard tutu dress. You will all feel like an edgy princess in it during your special prom night. But don't wear the bolero to prom. What I can also see in this collection is some retro comeback as well. Its the 60's cocktail balloon dresses!! I love that trend of the 60's ever since I saw them in the movie/broadway musical Hairspray. I see that with the tutu dresses and the leopard print dress below. 

Another enthusiastic brand at NYFW is DKNY. I can see that ones of the trends will be block letter prints. They already have block letter print jeans at Forever 21. Id love to get one while it only cause USD$ 19.80. Those are just so fun to look at! I think Ill start getting those in December just right before the Spring/Summer 2014. I think those are so edgy and enthusiastic. Now I wonder who ever thought of that? Im guessing the inspiration was kindergarten years when we all had to say A B C D E F G H I J K L M  N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z????  Those really do stand out in a good way. I also like the bright colors used in the collection for Summer. Gosh I love how we can mix black and white prints with bright colors. Donna Karan will always be one notable designer who graduated from Parsons School of Design. Id love to take an extra knowledge course in Fashion Design there. DKNY will also be one of the most successful brands. But I thought it would look better if they mixed up the letters even more.  Check out the shows above in this entry!!!
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"Fashion is my therapy to stress"
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