Saturday, August 24, 2013

Trends alert for pre- fall: Schoolgirl Kawaii



Hey guys,
Sorry for not blogging yesterday while I was a little in pain and I had work to catch up on due to the fact that we couldn't go to school because of the storm here in Manila.
It looks like its going to be kawaii cute this fall. Ive seen these trends before these products at Forever 21  and H&M arrived recently. Ive seen them a head of time on Im glad I have a polka dot blazer and a chiffon shirt from Taipei, Taiwan as well to stay in with the trending patterns, but making it my own style of course.  I am a fan of kawaii and lolita styles, such as kitty cat or mouse eared headbands/caps due to my love for anime and being a former cosplayer back in high school.  I saw a large bow headband on H&M's online store with a skull on it. I also love those headbands that I use to own one. I plan to get that headband sometime. Its called the Alice headband.  They also finally have a kitty cat ear beanie there. (Look at the two photos below the mouse ear headband)

I also love red bowler hats and fedoras for the season. They look chic with a polka dot or striped dress.  I think the polka dot skater dress will look really good with a red blazer, stockings and any kind of boots. If your brave enough wear the outfit with these cute mouse ears as well.  Or a polka dot top or blazer with a red leather skirt and these ears. 
All of these originated from Japan while I notice that many Japanese designers constantly use polka dots especially the designer who designed the red and white bag for Louis Vuitton. Her name is Yayoi Kusama. I always found her designs really cute with dots all over. Her furniture designs are also the same and very eye catching with a great contrast.  They also have many polka dot trousers at Uniqlo. My Mom bought two of them and I remember when I went to Harajuku, Tokyo with one of my closest friends I saw many polka dot patterns. To me, its very Disney because of Minnie Mouse and no one will ever be too old for a Disney Movie or Theme Park.  Polka dots were in fashion back when I was in 7th grade during December 2007. I remember owning many items with polka dots. I just think they are adorable.  Stay tuned for my very own kawaii style outfit tomorrow!! Ill be wearing my Sailor Moon style top. 
For Halloween this October, you can also wear just an ordinary polka dot dress with tights and your Disneyland Minnie Mouse ears. The type of shoes to wear would be pumps or ankle boots. I dressed like that last year for a costume party at Prive Luxury Club

That polka dot sweat shirt right above with a collar sticking out can go with a red leather skirt and stockings with boots.  Speaking of sweatshirts and pullovers, if you so happen to be in Japan, grab one of their pastel style pullovers with a chiffon skirt sticking out with a cat ear beanie. That will look great with knee high boots with chains or studs. 
Id buy these affordable pre-fall items to be more ahead of the season. I would suggest shopping in these not so expensive stores. 

Look Cute, Look Natural!!

These items below are the school girl style of the season. I am loving the plaid flats below, although I said that Im normally not a fan of plaid, but the only plaid I like are the dark ones, if they come in those pleated skirts or shorts.  The color block cross body is also looking very fine and cute for a savvy school girl look. 
Another trend Im spotting are alphabet prints which we never had before. The leggings are from Forever 21 and the chiffon top is from H&M. That is so suitable for a back to school theme and in for some reason reminds me of the alphabets little kids study. It will look hot with the H&M red plaid pleated skirt.  Why not show off your inner nerd in a good way once in a while?

I am digging this body con midi skirt the most. Its not like any other design Ive seen before. Id love to get this skirt someday from Forever 21. 

 These booties to me look very comfortable not being too high or too flat. I like the studs on these as well.  Hope you enjoyed this style report showing these new arrivals from H&M and Forever 21!

-Monica JLL Seet

"More affordable fashion will help you be a head of the season in a practical way"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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