Sunday, August 25, 2013

Moto Edge

It looks like Ive been in a red mood these days! I guess it all depends on the seasonal trends and color palettes. If its spring/summer, I wear neon and pastel. If its fall/winter, I wear dark colors. Stay tuned for my Houndstooth outfit for fall/winter 2013. That is also one of the trends alert from the lovely 90's. Speaking of the fashion of the 90's, Clueless will always be my favorite fashion movie of the decade.
In this outfit, I am wearing the DIY jacket, I showed you all how to DIY with left over leather, a thrift store moto vest and an old rugged graphic tee. I paired it with my vertical striped pants because vertical stripes has never died down and are still being sold.
I also love clashing in a good way because I insanely think thats fun playing with all the colors. But make sure you can pull it off. Many K-Pop music groups can pull off clashing and colorful outfits. I always love their color scheme.
I know I told you guys to stay tuned for my large bow tee but I just realized it doesn't match with the jacket. Im really sorry you guys! So you all are just gonna have to wait till Tuesday for my more comfortable outfit on a test taking day.

I can also call this outfit "Roaring Red" or it can be one of the main trend themes this fall with the mixes of red and animal prints. Many of them are being sold at Mango. I went to their store at Greenbelt 5 today and what I constantly saw were leopard and zebra print jeans. Leopard print harem pants and trousers are also looking very fine and will look great with a large sleeved blazer/top with a belt. Thats what I constantly saw at Mango and at ZARA there are more dark plaid and houndstooth fashion pieces.
I'd love to own one pair someday if its not too priceless. Designer clothes are way too expensive here. So Id sometimes rather get them when I go to Singapore once a year.

I paired my Thrift Store DIY jacket with this Americana collar necklace I got at Claire's at Woodbury Common Outlet that was on sale.  I think it will also look great with a pair of Americana shorts if I had one. 
I got this tote bag from Michael Kors outlet at Woodbury Common that was around USD$ 200-300. Michael Kors has one of the best leather goods ever. 
 Inside, I am wearing my London Graphic tee from Promod, I got last year for only PHP 895.

These vertical striped pants are from Forever 21 at Jersey Gardens Outlet that was only USD$ 19.80. Its such a good price for silk material.  These color block ankle boots are from ALDO outlet at Woodbury Common that was only USD$ 29.99 on sale. That is the best ALDO store Ive been to while its very affordable for such great quality and still having a wide range of choices.  Style in a form of art!

-Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Color and Pattern yourselves with style"
-My own Fashion Quote of the day

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