Thursday, August 22, 2013

Express yourself with DIY

I'd like to welcome you all to my second DIY tutorial entry. I know I had one with the tiger head in the first place, but now I came up with a second idea on what to do with my thrift store moto vest that I haven't worn in a long time. I just love shopping at thrift stores and having the clothes customized. I did the same thing with my PHP 175 ZARA trench coat from a thrift stand at my Church.
Would you like a new edgy jacket style? Come up with your own that matches your personal style and identity. I call my own personal style "Kitty Edge", for my love for leather and animal prints/charms. I also love strappy caged stilettos and studs/spikes. Those are the fashion pieces, I constantly wear.
 Be creative, invent your own style as well and name it as well. So what I did first was to have this moto vest from the thrift store customized by my seamstress. I first found left over red leather in my room, then got lucky that my lovely seamstress said that it was just the right amount for sleeves.

What I did to the back of my now, two toned jacket, was sewing lace from an old tattered lace top from Target and turning it into a patch. I also did that with my starry denim vest from KOHL's (Brand: Authentic icon) Its one of my best hobbies.

I will now proceed to the tutorial on how I added the distressed fabric at the back of this jacket:

All you need basically, are a blending thread, needle and a scissors. I hand stitched everything all by myself.  If your looking for a distressed back, get an old tattered graphic tee and cut along the lines of the design. I included the leopard print design with the distressed part.  To be more neat, sew more on the lines of the solid color part of the design if your thread blends more with it. 

This is the same tiger top I used for my denim jacket, I showed you guys entries ago. I bought it over a year ago from K8 Los Angeles, a stall at Power Plant Mall, Rockwell. That is one of the greatest places to get edgy clothes that are imported from L.A. 

 Now your finished! You have a distressed edgy denim jacket you made your own using old materials. You won't be dressing like everyone else this way. I am going to name this fashion project, "The Edge of Roaring".
 I hope you enjoyed my second tutorial on creating your own clothes! Give it a try yourselves!

Have fun with it and don't try too hard!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Shop More, Save More, DIY"
-My own Fashion quote of the day

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