Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Best Fall 2013 Campaigns

Im so happy that its almost a day before the official month of Fall 2013. Its September 1 tomorrow!! Im so excited as well! Before the month of fall officially starts, I decided to write about the best fall 2013 video campaigns that I love the most and I though were really creative with a scenario in it. Just like this Prada campaign here shows a girl calling up a guy while they are wearing clothes from Prada. The fur coat the girl is wearing was shown at the Fall 2013 fashion show for Prada.  I also like the colors used in the video with a color scheme of pink and blue. I think the fur coat goes with the pink and blue outfit this girl is wearing.  Isn't it so cute? Dark Colorful winter outfits are the best because they are very lively.  The backgrounds/interior part of this campaign are also very stylish and creative. They match the outfit very well. The important thing in creating a campaign would be not to have the outfits clash with the background too much or it will be a huge distraction to viewers. This is what I learned in Fashion advertising class. 

Prada is also one of my favorite high end fashion brands and were always trendy as well. I like their shoes in the past seasons fashion collections such as the flame heels and the bullet heels. I also love the one with a lips smoking. We must never forget that. I am also madly in love with their bags with gorgeous 3-D shapes that I really want one so bad when Im saved up enough and working already. Their logo is also not too tacky and big like some high end fashion brands. Im not a huge fan of huge logos myself. Miuccia Prada will always be one of the greatest designers as we must all remember that she was the the costume designer for The Great Gatsby. She is also the grand daughter of the founder Mario Prada. It all began in 1913. 

This video is a Fall 2013 Campaign of DKNY! They have many trendy outfits in their show, especially the two toned leopard and beige leather jacket.  That was the coat to die for the most. 
I like how they used New York City to be the background and made them more colorful. Their Fall fashion show is also one of the best ones Ive seen with a color palette of Beige, black, dark pink, dark purple and white.  I am also loving the color changes in the video itself. This is one of the best brands ever while I also love their Spring/Summer fashion shows with the bright colors. The other outfit I also love in this video is the long sleeved animal print dress.  I thought that New York City was the best background for this campaign because this brand is from New York, as well all know and New York City is also one of the biggest fashion capitals in the world, next to London, Paris, Milan and Tokyo.  I am also digging the grey trench coat in this picture that can go with anything especially heeled knee high boots! 

Stay fab in the fall,

Monica JLL Seet 
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"Fashion is more than just dressing up"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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