Friday, August 30, 2013

Hey I heard you were a Wild One

The 90's will always be all that! Grunge is one of the hottest trends this fall. Its rebellious, Its styling, Its sassy! As I mentioned earlier, the pop culture of the 90s will always be my favorite.  The 90's has been on going since Spring/Summer 2013, so its now a fad baby and no longer a short trend. I still listen to the music of the decade and watch their movies. Beanies are already a must to wear around this season as it gets colder and colder.  Sorry for not blogging yesterday again because I had a long day this time, needing to claim my order and having to fill in forms for my parents retirement visa all the way in old Manila which gave me a car sick.
To stay in style with the color palette, I decided to wear my beige Lita shoes which lasted me for over a year already. Get these convenient and long lasting litas! They can seriously go with anything and comfortable that they don't feel like heels. (They feel more like flat forms)
Dark purple is also one of the colors of the season.  According to the DKNY Fall 2013 fashion show, beige was the color that was constantly used for every outfit, especially the two toned leopard print leather jacket and so was Fuschia that was used at the end of the collection.
 That was one of the best fall fashion shows Ive ever watched.  I called this "Hey I heard you were a wild one" because of the panther on this casual jersey dress. I love animal faces as an animal lover my self. Edgy and animal prints are my love, while they are very fierce and I for some reason feel the most confident in them! So beware and don't you dare mess with me!! Colorful dark colors are looking super cute for fall and Im glad its not only black and white or else it will be super boring.  These colors still look calm. Calm and Colorful is the word.

 Here I am wearing a beanie from Androgyne Manila in Market! Market! that you can get for only PHP 280.
I am wearing a checkered chiffon shirt from Forever 21 in Times Square, New York City that was only around USD$ 15.  It was such a good deal for a loud chiffon shirt. That is the best branch Ive been to with 4 floors and Im hoping and praying that I can get a fashion career in NYC someday. The fashion companies are one of the biggest there.

I am wearing a jersey dress from H&M also in New York City  (across Madison Square Garden) that was only USD 9.90. I was so jumpy inside my head when I saw the price and just wanted to get it right away.  H&M is always a must for me to shop in whenever Im on vacation! So sad, we don't have H&M here in Manila.
To stick with the color scheme, I am wearing my purple tights from Taiwan which I also had for over a year. 
Stay Calm and Colorful!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)
Your Style, Your identity!

"Color schemes are the easiest way to stay in"
-My Own Fashion quote of the day.

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