Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stripes in Love

(c) Javi Bermejo

Stripes never dies and so does love if it is true. To keep up with Fall 2013, I decided to have the color scheme of red and wear a black and red plaid bangle. I cannot wear fall clothes here in the Philippines because it is always too hot and perspiring. So I just keep up with the color scheme and making it my own style. I will not wear a red and black flannel shirt as plaid shirts are getting too common and its not that fashionable anymore. Stripes and red are one of the best contrasting combinations Ive ever seen. It make red have more vibrance. Styling is fun that I eve did it for a photography project for IB 1 art class before, coming my whole wardrobe together. I even sent that art piece to my High School magazine, Newsflash.  Ive always been in love with fashion that I cant live without it.  But I try not to be too obsessed about it that it can get too unhealthy.

This get up here is very comfortable and not too heavy. I needed to be more comfortable today to take a test that was not super easy. Its better to be the most comfortable on your test or examination days in order for you to concentrate better and not distract other people.

I am wearing my PHP 200 hat from NAVA in Market! Market! To match, I decided to wear my Forever 21 Wayfarers. 
I got this Americana collar necklace from Claire's at Woodbury Common outlets. I forgot how much was it.  I like how you can make them look like they are part of a top or a dress.

I am wearing a new striped skater dress from Greenhills Tiangge that was only PHP 350 (Imported from Bangkok, Thailand). I thought it was a great price for a long dress with a thick material. I paired it with a classic black belt that my was my Moms. I am wearing a red and black plaid bangle that I got at a bazar sometime ago. It was a deal that was 3 for PHP 100. The other two I had got old and broken.

I am wearing red ankle strap platforms from DAS (Warning these shoes can kill) online on sale for only PHP 1,750. the site is Ive always been wanting to get these platforms for a year while I love to wear killer heels. The DAS shoes are very comfortable and has a lot of cushion. So they are easy to walk in. 
Stay warm and stylish this fall!!


Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"Just keeping up with the hottest color scheme of the season is enough"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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