Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Chevron Kitty

As much as I love animals (Kittens and Puppies) and chevron prints, I decided to try out a new look like this.  Chevron has been my favorite trend of the season as well. Its so alive!!! Stay tuned for my next season style while summer is almost coming to an end.
I also wore this outfit before with my Kitty Cat loafer flats. So I decided to try it out with heels (Bought from Ever New) today and my genuine leather fringe purse. These animal graphic tops has been one of my favorite fads of the year 2013. They make your outfits stand out and look more edgier. They are also not too revealing while they are very high necklines. even though they show a lot of the shoulders and are very tight.  Its better to wear it with something loose in order not to look very slutty. Remember this fashion tip, not to show too much from top to bottom or cover up too conservatively.

They were a little bit more expensive here in the Philippines. I got mine when there was a huge sale at Woodbury Common Outlets at Upstate New York. That is the best summer sale I have ever been too. So its best to save your shopping money for the summer or your holidays. I do that all the time with my allowance. I spend more when Im on vacation in another country than when Im at home. That will save you a lot of money. I would also advice you to put half of it into your savings account which I did with my account in Singapore.

These retro Sunnies are from Charles and Keith Outlet in Singapore that I got for about 4 years ago. This is my other pair that I can see very clearly in.

Here I got this Kitty Cat tank from Pac Sun at Woodbury Common Outlets that was about 20% off its original price. I forgot how much did it cost because we bought a lot of things from there for myself and my little brother!
I got this red metal belt from Tomato for only PHP 300. 

I got this cross body fringe leather purse from a textile and costume history museum store in Montreal, Canada. It was only 45 Canadian Dollars.  It is off Native American Origin. Montreal is one of the best places Ive ever travelled to with stunningly artistic architecture. 

I got this slit maxi skirt at Jersey gardens Outlet at a store in Newark, Jersey called Papaya. It was only about USD$ 14. My lovely Aunt and Cousin actually bought this for me as a treat when I went with them. I insanely can't thank you guys enough for being so kind to me and watching over me even though were miles away. So this entry is dedicated to you guys and everyone else who always loved and cared about me.  

 Lots of Love from,

Monica JLL Seet (Shopaholica)

"Too much of everything in an outfit can be unhealthy"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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