Thursday, August 8, 2013

Barbie's best designer collaborations!!!

Barbie has always been every little girl's fashion doll. I started becoming addicted to fashion by playing with Barbie dolls and arranging their clothes together. I still like Barbies as a fashion addict. I had to sew a baroque style dress on a Barbie for costume history last year. 
It was one of my most fun projects ever. I like how designer brands can provide clothes for Barbie. It is also great seeing high end fashion Barbie dolls. Hollywood fashion designer, Monique Lhullier even has one of her bridal gowns on a Barbie doll that can be seen at FIDM Irvine. She is also a notable Alumni of FIDM Los Angeles. 
This is one of the latest news on about the best designers Barbie collaborated with. I am loving the Christian Dior Barbie on the left. The workmanship is really good and the dolls is very well attired that I wouldn't wanna play with it. I would just have it as a collectible in my bed room or a house decoration. The Barbie dolls actually look very stylish like the fashion fever Barbie collection. They are not like any other Barbies.  I am also in love with the shoes and bags that they carry. They are all dressed different from any other Barbie and not following any other.  My most favorite one is Christian Louboutin because the ruffled stiletto boots are really artistic and make the Barbie more dolled up. I also like the romper that goes very well with the shoes.  I like how Barbie pink is used for the shoes as well.  

My other favorite one is Anna Sui with the floppy hat and the Victorian choker. She is also one cute and beastly designer with her uniqueness. I love how she started off with her parents dressing her up fancily as a little girl.  I am always a fan of her Lolita style designs and colors. 
Enjoy the pics of the Designer Barbies and pick which one you like!!

Oscar Dela Renta

Calvin Klein

Christian Louboutin


Lilly Pulitzer

Kate Spade

Juicy Couture

Zac Posen


Paul Frank

Vera Wang

Christian Dior

Nicole Miller

Dianne VonF

Anna Sui


This is the one I sewed for costume history class last year. It is Baroque inspired. It took me days and sleepless nights to hand stitch this dress together and the feather to the small hat. I had to do a lot of estimations and cutting. But most of all this was one of the funnest assignments ever.  Why not try it yourself if you are bored? Hope you all enjoyed this entry!! I might not be able to blog tomorrow because I have a test to study for. So see you all on Saturday!!!

Stay stylish y'all!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"Barbie Dolls are almost like us in a way with styling"
-My own Fashion Quote of the day

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