Thursday, August 1, 2013


Welcome to my fashion tip on how to stay cool, stylish and casual. Sometimes we all need to be this casual when its an outdoor field or pool event. We also need to dress like this if we are just going to a tiangge or a market place.
You can also dress like this, going to a theme park in order to be more comfortable riding the rides. Today I was at Greenhills Tiangge looking at some goods while I needed an organizer for my big bag and a pair of red shorts. That is not a place to dress up nicely because that is one place that you need to be aware of pickpockets. So a cute small cross body is more advisable to carry in front of you in order not to be a target.  I decided to carry my mustache cross body today while I did not want to carry too many things and its a bag that is not easy to slash. Never stand out in these places too much by not accessorizing too much and not showing too much skin ( A plunging tank top and short shorts are not a good idea)

I was inspired by Pocahontas's style here with the feathers and fringes. I thought it will also look great with a feather elastic headband without the bib necklace if only I had a feather elastic headband. I am also still loving Southwestern prints as I can see they are no longer a trend and its already becoming a fad. ZARA still has their body con skirts. This brings me memories, seeing the original southwestern tribal print at the Costume History museum in Montreal, Canada weeks ago. I even bought an original fringe purse with original feather earrings.

Here are the original Southwestern tribal prints Im talking about.

I got this Southwestern top from Macy's. It was my Moms at first, but then it was too small for her. I am wearing a feather bib necklace from Wet Seal that was only about USD$ 14. 

These wayfarer shades are from Forever 21 that was only PHP 80. This elastic chain headband given to me. 
I got these star print shorts from GAP outlet at Woodbury Common that was only USD$ 13.  If your looking for classic pieces that can go with anything and last long, Old Navy, Gap and American Eagle outlets are the best places to shop. The prices are reasonable.

I got this neon mustache cross body from my school bazar for only PHP 450. It is imported originally from Bangkok, Thailand. That is one of the cheapest places to shop while what they sell there are not imported at all and the labor there is one of the cheapest. 

These gladiator bootie are from Suiteblanco (as mentioned in my previous entry) that was only PHP 2,300 ish. They are made out of genuine leather. Suiteblanco is a new store at SM Aura that started of in Spain.  Authentic leather at a decent price will last for more than a year. You can even wear these with shorts and a cute top if you go to a big University. Hopefully, these will last me very long when I go to a bigger university next year. Im really in love with these pair of sandals since they are pretty tough to find.  

Stay comfy and cool before going back to school!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"Uniqueness will equal to stylishness"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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