Friday, August 2, 2013

Back to School Outfits 2

Hey fashionistas!,

Welcome to my second back to school outfit ideas entry. These pictures are from It was one of their latest news I received. To me, I thought these outfits are super trendy for school. I love this dress here below with a sweater and flats! It makes you look chic and Intelligent. I can see that this outfit is totally perfect and it will also look great with shiny Converse sneakers. A tight dress with a jacket and combat boots will also look great will also look perfect and your hair tied up. These outfits will not distract anyone from learning and fashionable at the same time. A graphic tee with flat boots and a jacket would be perfect too. Also do make sure you are following the school dress code in order not to be sent home. I hated being sent to the office back in high school for having my skirt too short. 
A leather skirt and creepers will also rock out your school outfit!  Its better to be comfortable while you are there to learn. When I was visiting Harvard University over the summer, all the college students over there constantly wear shorts, flip-flops, a t shirt and a backpack. But if you don't wanna dress like that, dress up with a lot of comfort (ex. dress with sneakers) 

To be elegant, try wearing a chiffon top (with a bow as a collar) with a not so short skirt. Its very anime style.  Anime inspired get ups are always my favorite while I think they are so cute and kawaii. To have this look you can also wear a laced top with collar and a leather skirt with rhinestoned glasses. Now I have explained about enough back to school outfits and bags. I will now proceed to explaining about stylish pens and pencil cases for school.  I always think that quirky pens are fun to write with. I had a lipstick pen before that I bought at Harajuku, Tokyo Japan. That is a good place for super cute stationary. 

Here are stylish stationary ideas for school.  Pimp up your pencil cases with some animal prints and glitters! Target or Staples always have the cute pencil cases and pens. You can try Wal-Mart too or Claire's Accessories.  You can even turn a chic make-up bag into a pencil case. I remember I did that before. You can also shop at the British accessory store, Accesorize for awesome stationary.

I am currently digging these shoe pencil cases. But I don't know where to find them.

Write with some cool and quirky pens. Here you can get these lipstick pens at Claire's or Icing by Claire's. You can also grab a puffy one that looks fun to write with. These are insanely girly and I love them.

If you went on a summer trip to a Disney or Universal theme park, get now of these gorgeous oversized pens. I am loving the Minnie Mouse one with a veil. I used to have the American flag one from Disney World when I was a Middle Schooler. Id love to own the one with the veil someday.  I hope you have fun school supply shopping and don't stress too much about school. Just think about your dreams and what you wanna do in the future and work hard for them.

Keep Calm!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"Don't try to hard to overdress for school"
-My own fashion quote of the day