Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Snakeskin Glam

Exotic prints are always glamourous. Ive owned quite a numb of items such as stockings and pairs of sandals as well when I was only allowed to wear flats in high school. Id love to have an authentic snakeskin bag someday and a snake print blazer that is not actual snakeskin. Snake prints will never go out of fashion. They will always be a classic. Im currently in a snake mood because, Ive met so many people who have snake behaviors! I wonder, have you ever met someone who is nice to you at start, then their true colors come out all of a sudden? Or you have friends or a boyfriend who's secretly mocks you? Ive had those, but they are already part of my past and Im not having much of these encounters anymore. So my advice to you all is to secretly ignore and avoid them. Make excuses not to go with them!
To get a good snake print chiffon top, is the best site.
I found some leftover pleather fabric from my plastic bags of textiles and I made them into a fringe to add to the side of my shorts. Its always great to make use of them, in order not to have them wasted. Its easy!!! Just keep on cutting strips and wait till it looks like a fringe. Then hand sew it to the sides of your shorts. Make sure you have thread that is blending with the fabric.
Fashion tip of the day: Snake prints will always last in your closet. You won't be pressured to stay in for the season all the time.  This is one way to also look chill and classy. 

Sorry this is a little late because I had class until 6 and we have loads of work these days. I can't wait till I have more fashion classes next term. My classes this term are Economics, Buying Principles and Market Research techniques.  Excuse me if I look tired in this picture because I had a little rough day and I cried.

Here I am wearing a glam graphic tee from Mango that was on sale for only PHP 695. I paired it with a golden sided blazer I got at a store in Market! Market!, something called Hearts and souls. I kinda forgot the name! But I know it was only PHP 350. I thought its such a great price for a blazer because other blazers would be more costly.         
My heart charm necklace was given to me from a family friend. The brand is Juicy Couture. I think their jewelry are nicer than their bags and clothes. 

I am wearing these edgy gladiator stilettos from Charles and Keith outlet in Market! Market! that was only PHP 399. Im really going nuts about a price like this on such cute casual stilettos. 

These snake print shorts are from Market! Market! that was only PHP 200. I added a DIY fringe and my H&M tiger belt, in order for it not to look too plain. This is the result of the how the fringes should look like at the sides of the shorts.  
Hope you enjoyed my classic fashion tip!

See you all!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"DIY is the other key to stylishness"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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