Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fall 2013 Guide for Buyers! (My opinions about them from

I think its great to have a catalog for buyers, in order for them to know what products for the upcoming season. It is fabulous fall! To me, I think that lots of them are very suitable this fall because of the whole rebel theme with the tutu style dress below.  To me the cobalt boots are the best item because they are so part of the fall collections of footwear.  Im glad I designed something like that about 2 or three months ago for the fall season but made it my own of course.  I also had a body con dress that I designed with the top part being made out of mesh.  The Chanel Clutch
 What I am also digging is the black and white jacket, Tomoko Ogura, the fashion director of Barney's New York is wearing.  Id so love to own that cute and edgy jacket! I also love how can seriously visual communicate about the trends and what is in style. The Visual communication part is showing the prints on the fashion pieces and not describing them too much with words. There are different types of communication which are Visual, Oral, Written and body language.

Im also loving the scenery print tube dress below. I think that will look great with a moto jacket and the design is like no other.  It almost looks like the editors pick of the week on But except it had a shark in the ocean on it. Id totally wear this dress with a black and white moto jacket with stockings and ankle boots and a beret as well.

A big notice is how the 60's style cat eye sunglasses stayed in style from Spring/Summer and even to this fall! That will look awesome with a red and black trench coat.
Most of all the best places they said to shop at (Designer brands) for fall buyers, are Bergdorfs, Barney's New York and Kirna Zabete. They are the best department stores with high end luxury goods! And don't forget Saks Fifth Avenue!
Good luck to all buyers! Im sure you will all do great as fashion experts!

I like how the eye in the middle of the sweater and the eye earrings are something new, we never had as a trend before. It looks like an inspiration of carvings at the temples. (Look at the earrings below)

This collection is from Alexander Wang. I think the dresses will look better with a trench coat and I think that the jumpsuit is not so suitable for the season.

 I am only loving the clutch bag and the bomber jacket in this picture as an edgy person myself.  Stay Fall-Fabulous!!

-Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Seasonal Trends are just like an evolution"
-My Own fashion quote of the day!

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