Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My love don't cost a thing

The get up you are looking at is my entry on how to mix and match your outfits differently if you need to be out the whole day and tone down if your going home at night. While I don't have time to make a video on how to wear this outfit in two different easy ways if you need to change it or tone down. I had to tie my polka dot shirt I was wearing around my waist and change into flats when I walked home from school because its hotter outside and its not safe to walk on the street in 6.5 inches heels. You are going to have to dress more down if you are taking the transportations home and always carry a bag with a zipper in front of you at all times.

You can always mix up your outfit in an easy way. Just look at what you have on yourself and wear it differently. As a fashion addict myself, this is what I like to do with mixing and matching my outfit. I am also a huge fan of JLO! I always loved her songs from when I was young. She will always be one of the best singers of all time. Look below at the clearer pictures of how I changed my outfit for the day. I kinda felt like a robot from Transformers but the fashion version!!! Why not if we can maybe have a new character in the Transformers series like that????? You never know!

This outfit is my Fall 2013 look I told you all to stay tuned for. Red, animal prints and polka dots are the hottest styles of Fall 2013. To stay in with it in a more practical way, I had left over red leather sewn  as sleeves to my denim moto vest from a thrift store.
This polka dot shirt tied around my waist is from a local store in Taipei, Taiwan called NET. My red flats, I changed into for walking home are from Mitju in Singapore. These are comfortable and not too flat.

I am wearing a leather cadet hat from People Are People. They have really good edgy accessories there that are not too expensive. I can't believe it lasted long. I bought it last year. 
I got this Jennifer Lopez Glamour magazine tank from Market! Market! (Fashion Market) for only PHP 100. Its really great for something unique.    I got my red leather jacket from NAVA that was only PHP 845. I like how it can contrast with many outfits.  If you need any clothes to keep warm, that is the best store to shop at. 

Here I am wearing leopard print leggings that only costed me PHP 150. It is also from Market! Market! (Fashion Market). They have such good deals there. 

 These red ankle strap platforms are from DAS (Warning these shoes can kill), www.dasmyshoes.ph. It was at the crazy sale that was only PHP 1,750. Their shoes are very long lasting, stylish and comfortable. Its fun to walk around in these but not for the street. Shoes for that price are more worth it than clothes. I spend more on footwear than clothes. 

Hope you all enjoyed this fashion tip! Stay chill and style yourselves well this fall!

-Monica Jin Li Seet (Monichic)

"Daily outfits can be like transformers"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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