Sunday, August 18, 2013

Shades of Red

These days I just love to throw on any of my red pieces in my closet. Hello fall, bye bye summer, its been great being under the active hot sun in neon colors! Now I just love staying in style with red in a quiet fall season.   But stripes will always be a fRed and stripes also go very well together asides from Animal prints. Red is one of the most shocking colors used for seduction (Red lingerie is sexy) and also fashionable attire. Red has also been one of my favorite colors especially the time when I used to be a punk rocker at age 13. Red and black are the usual punk colors. The rebellious plaid and chains are back this season!!! I shall call the whole theme, laid back rebel. I don't believe the lyrics of the song from the musical, Les Miserables (Red and Black), saying that Red is the blood of angry men. It does not have to be always angry, despite the fact that it is the colors of negative things such as the red light district, the stop sign, devils and vampires. We can also use it in a positive way like love for anyone important in our lives. Its also the color of Minnie Mouse and she's one of my favorite Disney characters.

I was at ZARA today and I saw many dark plaid shirts along with many houndstooth mini skirts. Many people are wearing houndstooth as well. They were all exactly what I saw in Moschino, Dior and Chanel's fall/winter 2013 fashion shows! Im loving them and they caught my eye ever since I saw them ahead of the season! At least they are not at all boring. Its cute and edgy at the same time.

Below is the palette for the season! It looks like to me, the 90's fads are the hit. Houndstooth and plaid all began in the 90's and its making me miss being a little girl.

I am wearing my dress from Greenhills Tiangge that was only PHP 350. (Bangkok import). This blazer that is from a local store in Market! Market! for only PHP 350 as well. My belt from Tomato was only PHP 300 and my purse is from Market! Market! (Fashion Market) for only PHP 400.  Clashing in a good way is insanely fun!

Im glad I found another outfit to wear with these DAS 14 red shoes. Grab a pair now while they are still available. They are no longer PHP 3,500. Its a really good deal for such a great work of art shoes.  Keep Calm and wear 50 shades of red!

-Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Know your style, know where to shop"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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