Saturday, August 17, 2013

Fashionable Fitness

 Fitness has also been very important to me in my life! I love going to the gym 3-4 times a week and doing boxing once a week or if I have the time to do it.  It really makes me concentrate on my academic work more, while it is meant to clear your mind. This is one way to release your anger, by accelerating on the gym machines. Play some fast music on your iPod in order to move faster. I constantly listen to Kesha, Nicki Minaj, Michael Jackson and lots more while Im on my stationary bike in my parents room.
 Now I am here to give you all fashion tips for working out and doing cardio. Don't wear any jewelry for exercising as it can cause injuries.  Wear a sweat headband and wristbands as a sports accessory in order for you not to sweat too much.  To prevent pains in your arms and on your neck, wear Titanium sports bracelets or necklaces. If you are the kind who sweats a lot, try to keep on wearing as much dry fit gear as possible. It will keep your shirt from smelling like sweat. To look more elegant while working out, wear bright colored work out gear and trainers. I can't show you guys almost all my workout gear because they are still in the laundry. I worked out almost this whole week and had boxing lessons.  I love the colors of the Nike spandex shorts and the capris above. Don't they just catch your eye? I have a pink spandex shorts from Nike Outlet at Nuvalli, Laguna, Philippines that was only PHP 500.  Its best to shop for work out wear at Nike Outlet because the regular Nike is normally over priced and too expensive for work out gear.  It will also be great to get a duffle from the Nike Outlet or the Sport Warehouse in Market! Market! I mostly get my sports clothing from there. It is also a really good store to get duffle bags.
 You can also wear your school spirit Jerseys! I still have my High school spirit t shirt and paw print shorts. I always thought my High School paw print shorts were super unique. College sweatshirts and t shirts will also rock your workout gear.

To stay gym pretty, carry a bright colored duffle bag along with your gorgeous bright work out wear. I will show you some below.

I am loving these cute Converse duffle bags. I love carrying a pink duffle to be more feminine that I even had one from Fila before.  I also like the Nike one above. This one below here is mine. I forgot where is it from because I believe my Mom got this for me. 

These Nike neon trainers are insanely chic and sassy. I like the combination and how they will match well with a cute bright colored work out gear. These neon trainers right below are mine from Planet Sports that was on sale for only PHP 1,200 ish. The brand is K Swiss. I also like their sports clothing. I have a pair of K Swiss dry fit running shorts as well. I like how they will be suitable for casual wear as well. 
Here I am wearing a neon purple dry fit t shirt with my arm wraps. This was taken at my boxing lessons. I am wearing a sweatband that was given to me during my Sophomore year of High School with our batch colors. Though it looks a little Bob Marley style!  The outfits below aren't mine and I just found them on Google. They are one of my favorite work out get ups. They are so gym chic and the colors are so eye catching. They remind me of the 80's workout wear, minus the leg warmers. Most of my work out wear that was given to me are that color.

This running shoe looks very feminine and Id so get them when my pair of trainers get old.

These are my work out gear that is the only one not in the laundry. These sweatpants are from Everlast and this dry fit tank is from Elle Active. Elle is one of my favorite brands. Everlast also has gorgeous work out wear. Work out in sweat pants if its a little bit more cooler. Wear a matching hoodie with it as well  You can  One advice, to concentrate more on your lovely fashion careers, keep on working out your body or if you had a rough day, take it out on the gym and aerobics. If you take boxing, hit the punching bag as hard as you can but chill. 

Keep Fit and Fab!!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Comfort is on top of how well your made if your going to work your muscles"
-My Own Fashion quote of the day

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