Monday, August 12, 2013

Castro Photo Shoot Fall/Winter 2013-14 Collection | FashionTV


This is one of the best fall/winter 2013-14 ads I have ever seen so far. Its so cool to see a photo shoot being taken in action. I love the animal print theme background and speaking of that, the latest news on says that the cats are improving the fall ads and I shall say go wild cats for making them fierce. Its the animal prints that are super fierce looking and the shade of red. I like the plaid jacket and leather sleeves for men. Check out and subscribe to its Youtube channel for more runway shows and photo shoots!
That will be super suitable for the winter time and will look great on really  cool jocks.  An animal print dress with a red or black moto jacket and stockings and ankle boots is the perfect outfit for women. Or you can wear a leopard print scarf with a red and black skater dress with leopard print gloves,stockings and boots along with a cat eared beanie. If your the type who likes to wear a plaid trench coat, I would suggest aping it up with a studded cat ear beanie or a sparkly grey beret,  black fur leather gloves or leopard print gloves with black stockings and knee high heeled boots. Keep as warm and as trendy as possible if the cold temperature rises up.  Its always the easiest to be fashionable when its cold!
 I can't wait to rock my animal print body con with my stockings and Ill probably get a skater dress from 168 mall Divisoria.  That is the cheapest Tiangge market to shop in but just make sure to always watch your belongings (Carry them in a fanny pack that you can hide under your t shirt) and dress as plain as possible to blend in. Never wear any jewelry.

Stay stylish and warm!,

Monica JLL Seet

"Comfort does not mean simple, its how you put it all"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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