Monday, August 26, 2013

Fringed Maxi Skirts in the house!!

(c)www.lucky21.comIt looks like there are more fringed maxi skirts in the house!  This one above is from lucky21, another super cool and trendy online store. I wonder whats with the popular name 21 being used as a store or clothing line title? Im guessing its with the legal age. 
I first saw these maxi skirts at New Look London and a local store in the USA! They caught my eye right away that I want one of these so bad. Maybe we should start selling these here in the Philippines. I can't get over how stylish and unique these maxi skirts are! I shall say the most unique ones Ive seen in my life. They will look great with a not so revealing tank top and a belt. You can even make your own using an ordinary maxi skirt. Go on Youtube for tutorials on how to DIY your own fringed maxi skirt like this and how to make it nice and neat.  You can also wear these to outdoor events with sandals and a nice flower crown as well. This will give you a total edgy or bohemian look. I'll try doing a DIY of a cheap maxi skirt made out of cotton. if I can't find one like this here in Manila. This is another key to stylishness because Ive not spotted a lot of people wearing these skirts and I don't really like wearing what everyone else is wearing. But I need to try to blend in sometimes without attracting too much attention or being an easy target. 
Just be sure your fabric of the maxi skirts are not thin spandex and draw a line on where you wanna cut it up to. 

This one on the right is from It is one of the newest arrivals at the store with many other stylish maxi skirts.  The price is very affordable (under USD$20). Maxi skirts has been a hit all over the world these days.  What a huge comeback from the Groovy 70's. Say goodbye to the distressed denim mini skirts which were a hit of the early and mid 2000's. I remember I wore those but they got too short.  

It looks like they've also been popular with tie in front tops. They will look great with those or tight sleeved tops. Just don't wear this skirt with anything tie-dyed. You will look like a tacky and hideous flower child.  I also like how they come in different colors like this cute indigo blue one here. This is from a cool store from London. I tried this on at a local store at Franklin Mills outlet, Pennsylvania. But it was too overpriced for such thin material that showed the shape of my undies! So Ill see if I can find a thicker one or make one of my own in this cute color.   Grab one right now at an affordable price before they run out. Most of all I love how they came up with these skirts and continuing the fringe fad. We've had fringed tops, shorts and bags!! So what will be the next fringed item??? I gotta find out!

-Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Starting a new fashion piece is such a fortune"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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