Sunday, August 4, 2013

Its a Sailors life for me

I always liked sailor style blazers. They always look great with anything bright red and gold. I even have a sailor style high waisted bikini and I like how they modernized the high waisted swimwear that way that came back from the 1940's. (It was a trend at that time)  I also had a pair of red, blue and gold Sailor triple buttoned high waisted shorts but they became to stretched. The sailor color palette has one of the best color contrast Ive ever seen. So I decided to wear my blue trunk show cheetah belt to keep up with the color combo.
I am also a lover of collecting blazers because they are very eye catching to me.
Id love to own a tiger print one and a snake print one someday when Im working. Blazers are also classic and will never go out of style. It looks like the sailor style has been an on going fad.  It seams like red blue and gold are the main color palette for the sailor styles.
 This outfit can also be worn on a luxury cruise ship when your having lunch or a casual dinner with a stunning sailor hat. You will look like an elegant sailor.  I wore this to church today to be more chill, elegant and comfortable.

Here I am wearing red jeans from Mango in Singapore I bought back in december. It is a very durable quality and not too thick as well.
This studded bag is from Michael Kors Outlet at Woodbury common that only costed me about USD$ 300. Its pretty cheap for authentic leather bags. 

I got these open toed booties from Ever New on sale for only PHP 1,500.  These are super easy to put on and very comfortable with lots of cushion as well. Ever New is the best and most elegant Australian brand I have ever seen with durable materials. 

I am wearing this striped blazer from 2b Bebe at Woodbury Common outlets in New York State. It was only USD$ 26. The clothes there are very elegant, stylish and affordable at the same time. Its even cheaper and younger than the actual Bebe brand. 

The logo tank top I am wearing inside is from the actual Bebe store. I got this three years ago when I was in Toronto, Ontario.  It was only 41 Canadian Dollars. It is very worth it for something that can last me way more than a year and it also matches with anything. So I would really recommend that store if your looking for more durable clothing that matches with anything.
Sail away with your own sailor get up!

Lots Of Love!,

Monica JLL Seet aka Monichic

"Stripes give contrast to your outfit"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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