Saturday, August 3, 2013

Its relaxed grunge this coming fall


It looks like to me that the 90's are back this fall with a very relaxed grunge look. From my observations of the fall looks, it looks like red is one of the hottest colors in the palette of the season. This fall look book here is from one of the best online stores and fashion sharing sites, Red and black  plaid is also a hit classic trend. I love punk plaid skirts and I also own a punk plaid bracelet as well. Thick beanies also go with these grunge outfits as they were part of them in the 90's. I like the combination of animal prints and red. They go very well together and very classic as well. Maybe Ill try combing my re leather sleeved trench coat with a leopard print dress.  I can see a lot of expressions in this look book and they suit the a peaceful and quiet fall theme. Fall/winter are always the quietest seasons of the year. It is tough to go out of your house when there is a heavy snow fall.

I can see a preppy theme in this fall collections as well, with pleated skirts and oxford shoes. My Kenneth Cole heeled oxfords would look great with a trench coat top, a pleated punk plaid skirt and black stockings. Id wear it with my grey winter beret.  I can't wait to spot cool fall outfits when October comes.  This is going to be one rebellious season.
Check out my favorite looks from the look book. I am loving the animal print sweater top below and Id wear that with a red beanie and boots. I have a name for this theme and its Savvy School Chick! Have fun with your warm clothes!


Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Preppy looks can transform into glam prep, in order to make yourself look less like a nerd"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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