Sunday, August 4, 2013

Betsey Johnson Fall 2013 Shoes

Betsey Johnson, fall 2013 shoes has finally arrived!!! I can see the school girl style with the flats and the heels. I really love these black strappy flats below! They will look great with stockings and a red leather skirt. I can see that the Savvy school girl trend is coming out beautifully.  What Ive been getting in my inbox these days from the brands Im subscribed to, are "Fall Shoes are Finally Here". I got one from Urban Outfitters and ALDO. 
Many of them aren't so dorky, I shall they are more like edgy and punk style.  I also like the studded booties below because they can match with any outfit. It is something I can wear in order not to make me look like Im trying too are.  It is great too that they can keep up with the combat boots fashion style. They are so grunge and the 90's is the hottest fashion decade.  Ive always liked a lot of Betsey Johnson's heeled shoes that are loud and edgy which is totally her. She always has unique designs and edgy as well. Its one work of art and I call her a fashion leader, not a follower. According to Fashion critic, Nina Garcia, she says the key to stylishness is being a fashion leader and not a follower. Thats what I always wanna be! I never get the latest things everyone else is wearing. I like dressing eccentrically in a good way, no matter what people would say about me. I just call those who criticize my personal style, "trend fallers" or "too ordinary and fleshy".   I am also not a fond of outfits that show too much such as shorts that are too tight and short.   Im glad Betsey Johnson never sells any of that stuff.
Betsey Johnson is one of the fashion icons I look up to! I wanna be like her in designing my own edgy shoes and clothes. I cannot wait to study Footwear Design for one year after I get my Bachelors Degree in Fashion Marketing and Management. It looks like FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) in Los Angeles, Irvine, San Diego and San Francisco has one of the greatest Footwear design courses.  I love the shoes from Los Angeles as well such as Jeffrey Campbell and the ones from the LA Fashion District.  From, the Philippines, I like DAS (warning these shoes can kill) while they are one huge work of art with unique styled platforms. I recently just ordered mine from the crazy sale which is DAS 14 in red. I can't wait to style them up!! 
Those who dream to become designers, I would suggest making it your very own style!!

Rock out with Red and Black this fall!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Fashion is not supposed to be imitated"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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