Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Collecting My Jar Of Stars

Stars are one of the trends this fall! Im sure everybody is a star this season!! So be confident, humble and shine like a star. I don't know why I always loved stars since I was a kid that I owned a lot of star stickers. I also make origami stars as a hobby sometimes.  Im sure every one as a kid loved gold stars on their homework. That was always a must for me and thats why stars sometimes remind of my childhood.
 I think that stars are suitable for fall/winter because the days are shorter around that time. It can get dark at 4 PM during winter. The theme can totally be stars in the sky if it always gets dark early. The pull overs with stars or the chiffon starry shirts from H&M are also looking adorable!! Stars will never be out of style and you can keep on glowing for years.   Stars are always used in a positive way, so wear anything starry and feel positive. A lovely romance under the stars is always so stunning and counting the stars with your best pals are fun while lying on the grass or on the beach. Stars are always used on flags of many countries as well.
  I also think of the Starry Starry night painting by Dutch artist ,Vincent Van gogh, then turned into a song by Don McClean.

 Here I am wearing my newest blazer you guys saw entries ago with my studded collar shirt that was only USD$ 10.00 from Marshall's. I love convenient buttoned up shirts that seriously match with anything.

This charm necklace is from Juicy Couture that a family friend gave me last Christmas.
These starry pants that Ive worn several times and bought way back in December are from a Wholesaler in Katong road, Singapore that were only SGD$ 14. Clothes from the wholesalers last long and if you want to open up your own store, order large quantitates from there at a lower price and you will have the best profit.  Many clothing line/store owners get their clothes from there to sell. 

The reason why Im posing with my Kate Spade school bag here is because, I wore this comfy outfit to school and had to rush. 
Im wearing my caged three inched stilettos from Charles & Keith outlet in Market! Market! that were only PHP 399. You all should check it out. The shoes are comfy and good at the same time. 

Style like a star!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

Your Style, Your identity!

"You know you've got a passion for fashion if you've got stylexpression"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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