Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Givenchy Collection Spring/Summer 2014

The sneak peak of the Givenchy Spring/Summer 2014 has finally arrived in the fashion house. They are not yet sold in stores but they are just in the fashion news! I can see that these photos are still computer generated. But I can trend forecast by looking at these artistically shaped purses, that the trends are going to be florals again and snake skins/prints. It seems to me that trends always come back so quickly. Florals were a huge hit in the 90's then came back in Spring/Summer 2011.  I think the snakeskin one below and the ones above are the cutest and the edgiest ones.  Snake prints are always part of my personal style. Im not really into florals now a days because they are too flirtatious and bubbly for me. Im more of the edgy, tough and biker girl chick. 
 I always love how artistically shaped the Givenchy bags are. They will always be classic and edgy. They are also a good size and has strong quality as well. My favorite one is the blue snakeskin bag above. I love how the snake pattern on the handle is such an eye catching design! While I am afraid of snakes and I despise people with snake behaviors, meaning people who would act nice in the first place then nasty to you, I just love anything made out of authentic snakeskin. I also hate the fact that snakes would kill such cute and cuddly animals. 
I also love the geometric shaped cross body below (The snakeskin one) Its so stylish and uniquely shaped.  It can go with any edgy outfit in my wardrobe.  Even, the silver tote bag way below is classic and styling. High end bags that go with any outfit are one heck of a worth it price. Ill probably own one of these classic when Im working. It will look like a nice bag to carry to the office in my dream fashion career and these bags above are  part of my office fashion tips for you all office people.

Givenchy will always be a classic brand that started off in 1952. Hubert de Givenchy even designed clothes that were a hit in the 60's and were even worn at John F Kennedy's funeral. We must all remember him as one of the United States presidents and having such a stylish first lady, Jackie Kennedy. (One of the most notable style icons)

Im looking forward in time around March to July 2014 to see these bags arrive at the Givenchy stores. I can predict that the color palette for Spring/Summer 2014 will be indigo blue, gold, black,white and silver. 
Stay tuned for these gorgeous bags being sold in stores!

-Monica JLL Seet (MoniChic)

"Evolved trends are from the past years"
-My own Fashion quote of the day

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