Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fad alert: Cadet Babe

It looks like more camouflage has arrived this fall 2013. It was the latest fashion news I got in my inbox from Wet Seal and Clozette.co.  It has been an on going fad from late 2012 till now. But I noticed, more items are newly arrived in the house!  They also have a lot at Forever 21 now a days.
I like how we can use it can street wear as well. I also use to own a pair of camouflage baggy pants at aged 13 when I was still a punk rocker and idolizing Avril Lavigne. According to Wet Seal, it has been the highest ranked back to school style. It was exactly how I predicted it will be. I for some reason thought it will always come back.  The first time I saw the camouflage trend come back was at TOPSHOP way back in December.  It was the camouflage jacket with studs on it.
Military styles are always edgy and rocker at the same time that I even own a leather cadet hat, I paired with my combat boots several times. I remember having a camouflage spandex tank top as well, but I gave it away because it was too tight and plunging.  

I also have worn my leather sleeved military jacket from Cotton On with my combat boots as well along with my Jack Daniel's tee.  You can even wear that as a coat with combat boots, camouflage leggings or vertical striped pants. I think the Lita booties will also look great with a cadet outfit.  The ones I am loving the most, are the varsity leather sleeved jacket below and the skinny jeans. I think that the studded backpack will also be suitable for school and will never be easily out of style.  Camouflage shorts are also looking good. You can put them together with stockings and combat boots and also a long cadet dog tag or a tribal necklace. I also have a dog tag from my fashion camp at FIDM Irvine. Below, I love how the tribal necklace goes with the camouflage top. Its very cadet style and can match with anything. Thats the accessory I plan to get to add to my collection.  It will also look great with a bandana around your forehead.  To stand out in a good way while going to school, wear studded or camouflage print combat boots with leather shorts, stockings, camouflage tank top and a red blazer. Add the tribal necklace below to make your outfit stand out more.

You can also wear the leather sleeved camo varsity jacket with red shorts, black stockings, studded military boots along with your favorite band graphic tee. 
The military vest below, will look great with a midi dress and ankle flat boots. 

 Never wear hats in order to respect. Another advice from me to dress for school would be to never dumb yourselves down for guys. They will like you for who you are if they are the good ones. 

These camouflage from Wet Seal will so look great with stockings and the leather shorts above along with the camo tank top below and a red biker jacket. 
This is a new arrival of lolashoetique.com. Its looking super cute for this fall. 

If you wanna wear these crop tops to school wear a high waisted maxi skirt that is not as tight. 

This is also super cute for school if you get back aches from backpacks. I carry a chic tote bag myself to school while I get back problems. 

I like how this is paired with leather leggings. Military boots will also look great with this outfit and a cadet dog tag. This outfit will look chic and comfy. 

To me, these caps will look great on guys.  If you girls wanna wear it, my fashion tip would be to wear it with a leather skirt or a maxi skirt to look more feminine and not like a tomboy. Hope you all enjoyed my fashion tips on how to style them! Good luck in school!

Look tough, look chic!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

" You think your wearing the same prints as others? Transform it!"
-My Own Fashion Quote of the day

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