Sunday, August 11, 2013

Give me an F! Give me an A! Give me a double l. And that spells Fall!

Hi guys, Im back with blogging today!! I had a tough day yesterday with my homework and studying for an economics test. This term has gotten more hectic for me with more business courses than fashion or creativity. There is currently more new arrivals for Fall 2013. Goodbye summer, hello fall!  It looks like red, blue, grey, animal prints are the hottest trends this fall! My prediction was totally right. Stay tuned on Tuesday or Wednesday for my fall outfit but more wearable here in the Philippines. While red plaid is very popular this fall, I know a store where you can buy a plaid dress that is wearable in the Philippines. Go to That is one of the most updated local stores ever. I spotted it when I was walking around Market! Market! 
That dress from Tomato will so look good with stockings and knee high black boots or heeled oxford shoes. It will also look great with a grey beret and a black scarf. Rock that kind of outfit if you live or going somewhere with a cooler climate.  
This is one of the latest news from one of the top fashion sites, Check these out for further details from various designers. All of these products are high end fashion. Id rather go with buying high end bags made out of good leather.  I love the cute Givenchy grey bag right below and also the black and white Versace puff bucket bag below. 
The gladiator stilleto booties are also catching my eye with its uniqueness and I also like the polka dot cat ears beret. I always love those hats while they are so animated and kawaii cute. Id love to get one sometime. Maybe when I go to Singapore this December. 
What I also see are Victorian style jewelry with the crown and the necklaces. They are historically elegant and will never go out of fashion. 
My most favorite fad will always be monochrome.  On the actual site, these pics are actually more in order. I just had them mixed up here because they got scattered while I was saving them.

Im really looking forward to seeing everybody's fall outfits on Im sure all you fashionistas will look super stylish!

Stay chill this fall!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Colors of each season are like a mood ring"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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