Sunday, July 21, 2013

Trend Alert for a long time: 90's kid outfits

It looks like the comeback from the 90's is the most popular this Spring/Summer 2013 after constantly seeing many grunge style outfits with flannel shirts tied to the waist with jeans or high waisted shorts. I even saw one of my friends from school today at the mall dressed like that.  My cousin was also dressed like that with flat-form sneakers. Stay tuned for my 90's kid look as soon as I buy a neon beanie. The famous Australian casual brand Cotton On even has its mannequins dressed like 90's kids for both men and women. Many flannel shirts are also being sold with graphic tees. I just miss being a child sometimes in the 90's whenever I see these outfits. Im sure we all do (If you are 18-20 years old) in which I was born in the early 90's (1992).  So I can see its becoming a fad and not a trend because they were also in style last year in 2012. Many users on has many 90's kid outfits with beanies and they all still look chic in them.
Bustiers and midriff tops are also part of the 90's kid look. But I get pretty uncomfortable wearing those itself and showing my belly because I am a very shy person. I am also not a fond of wearing plaid shirts so I am going to use my new studded blue shirt from Marshall's department store along with my ombre shorts, distressed stockings and platforms.  The 90's was one colorful decade and I am also into music from the 90's though I was still a little girl around that time.  But I remember cropped denim jackets, denim vests and military jackets with combat boots.  Check out the looks below for a 90's kid fashion tip.  My most favorite are the high waisted shorts with beanies and combat boots. I also love houndstooth prints.  This will totally Spice up your style!

Have fun going back to the 90s!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"Trends perish, Fads will always stay"
-My own Fashion quote of the day

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