Friday, July 19, 2013

Looking for a studded jacket? Learn how to DIY your own

Are you guys looking for an affordable studded jacket along with a tiger printed at the back? Well, here is how to make your own (DIY) graphic denim jacket.  Its very simple and this will save you a lot of money and make you recycle more old fabric. Ive checked all over for tiger patched and studded jackets. The ones Ive seen are too expensive and over priced for me since Im the practical and eco friendly type of person.  These denim jackets are also difficult to find in stores. They are normally limited. It is natural for edgy  people to wear DIY clothes especially if they prefer to have their own style like no other. 
I do this during many of my free times or whenever I can't sleep. While I am very shy to talk directly in front of camera for a very long time  (I can only sing) and I do not want to add any fast effects which can confuse viewers. So I decided to show you all fashionistas step by step and what materials you need to have with you.  This is something I did with my jacket from Rue 21 that was only USD$ 3. I couldn't sleep last night so I decided to do this while it is one of my hobbies when suddenly I said to myself that I have a cut bracelet, a cheap denim jacket and an old tattered graphic tee that looks like a rug.  The photo above shows  the materials you need (Which I will show more below) and one shoulder finished. After your done with one shoulder make your you have the same amount of studs on the other side. Just look at how you sewed them on the other side. 
I know it is still summer for a lot of you guys, so why not do this as a hobby? You can wear it when you go back to school looking so chic. (Stay tuned for my back to school fashion tips for High school and College students next month)

Now I shall proceed:

Step1. ) Find a cheap bracelet, cut the string and divide the studs into an even number. (I had six on each side and this bracelet only costed me PHP 75) Greenhills and Market! Market! has these cheap bracelets.

Step 2.) Have a needle and  a long stand of thread ready ( You can use any size of needle that can fit through the holes and just make sure you use thread that blends in with the jacket). I decided to use black which won't stand out too much.  Sewing all the studs with one thread can make the studs be more near each other.  When your done, cut the thread on the other side of the jacket.

Step 3.) For the back of the jacket, find an old graphic tee in your closet or purchase a cheap one that you can cut the design off it to use as a patch.  I chose this tiger print graphic tee I already had for over a year and was worn too many times. It already had holes in the front.

Step 4.) Cut along the shape of the design and try to make it as even as possible. 

Step 5.) Place the patch at the back part of the jacket and make sure it is in the middle. Use thread that can blend in again and sew along the sides of the design (the black part).

Step 6.) If you have an extra stud from the bracelet or more than one, sew it on at the back as a part of the design. I only have one, so I decided to add it to the forehead of the tiger. If I had two more, Id sew one on each ear of the tiger.
You can even add a painted line along the tiger if you so happen to have acrylic or textile paint. As for me I don't have any.

Step 7.) Now your finished and you can go wild with your new studded tiger jacket. (Look right below at the finished front and back of the jacket)

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial!
Have fun trying it out!



-Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"DIY will top up your style imagination"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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