Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Here is the look I told you all to stay tuned for with my DIY tiger denim jacket (From the tutorial in one of my previous entries). I just added a chain at the back of the jacket. I thought Id make it in a way edgier. Why not spice up your ordinary looking clothes with materials you can find in your house if your bored? Everyone needs a hobby.
I feel that cropped denim jackets always look great with anything high waisted. That makes me wanna say Oh the 90's and the 90's will always be all that. Cropped denim jackets and high waisted bottoms were popular trends of the 90's and I love how it came back. My favorite decade comebacks so far are the 80's and the 90's. These looks will still make you look young wild & free because from my observations, to me those were the decades with rebellious looking outfits from the 80's punk rock to the 90's grunge style. The 60's and 70's were more groovy and are not really my thing.
You can totally wear this outfit to school with edgy flat loafers if your at a big University or high school. For now Im only in a small college in a building, so I can wear stilettos and go home in flat shoes.

 Here I am wearing the DIY studded graphic jacket, originally from Rue 21 that was on sale for only USD$ 3. Ive always wanted one of these!
I paired it with a striped tank top that was only USD$ 5 from GAP outlet at Woodbury Common. That is one true classic casual brand that will never fade. It can be fun to pair a striped tank top with a graphic jacket and a bib necklace. And don't forget a loud and edgy buckle belt!

I got these white studded skinny jeans from Urban Outfitters in New York City when I needed casual clothes. It is insanely fun to shop at a fashion capital with all the cool trends! They were on sale for only USD$ 19.90. I thought it was a good deal for a brand that is normally high priced. They have really good quality casual clothes there. I love a lot of their edgy clothes.
I got these new color-blocked ankle booties on sale for only USD$ 29.99 at ALDO outlet in Woodbury Common (located around upstate New York, near NYC) I thought it was pretty cheap for a work of art color block shoes that are normally expensive. Color-blocked shoes are one of the most artistic shoes ever and fun to look at.

Stay cool with your style!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Color will always bring joy and harmony to what you wear"
My own fashion quote of the day

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