Friday, July 26, 2013

A night at a Fashion Show and its after-party

Fashion shows and Parties always go well together for some reason.Both of them appear at once in movies like Raising Helen where she has a job at a modeling agency at the start of the film in Manhattan. I just love my course, Fashion Marketing and Management! We can learn by watching fashion shows and how to advertise by holding a fashion event. It was great seeing the fashion design students and lecturers of my school showcasing their designs, inspired by Mercedes- Benz cars. Stay tuned for my entry about their designs tomorrow. Sorry for not writing yesterday because I had to have my hair done during the day, go to the fashion show in the night and the after party! Im sure you fashionistas would've loved the show. We had such great designers with a bright future. I wore this outfit in the picture differently for the Fashion show and for the After party by changing my bib necklace and my shoes.

Our Fashion Show theme!

I am wearing this bandage dress that was given by a family friend. The brand is Herve Leger. I only use this for special occasions in the night because its too revealing at the back and it costs about PHP 16,000. So its not for daily use and I always need to have it dry cleaned after use. 

I got this new ring studded box clutch from ALDO while I was at Montreal, Canada a few weeks ago that was only 29.99 Canadian Dollars.  ALDO is the best Canadian brand so far, with their shoes and bags looking so beastly designed.  It originated from Montreal!

I am wearing my open toed satin booties from Nine West outlet in Citadel that was only USD$ 50. These are only good for formal occasions at a hotel or a cocktail event. 
This photo was taken at the after party at Aracama, a Filipino Cuisine. I wore this dress differently with this bib necklace here from Wet Seal in Orange County that was only USD$ 14.  I call it my clubbing necklace. They always look great with body con dresses. If your body con dress is revealing and tight enough, just make sure it is not too short.  Try not to wear anything to hugging and skimpy at clubs or crowded parties as it can be pretty dangerous with all kinds of people. I was randomly touched in the waist before and I had to escape it by walking quickly and sticking with my friends. 
Well I hope you enjoyed my cocktail and clubbing fashion tip! Have fun but don't forget to study hard too.

-Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Clubbing outfits does not mean short and tight"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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