Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Museum at Fashion Institute Of Technology

Hey fashionistas,

Monichic in the house! Today I went to visit one of my dream fashion schools for further studies, Fashion Institute Of Technology(FIT) for a campus tour. The museum is also one of the best fashion exhibitions I have been to with a wide range of costume history and it made me recall in a way what I learned in Costume History and contemporary fashion class almost a year ago. There were sections of each decade, from the olden days to the 1990's.  I would really recommend to check out the museum with many fashion inspirations from many designers like Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, etc. Anna Sui is one of my most favorites with her unique creativity like no other. The campus is located on 27th street. Check out the actual website for campus tours and how to get there. 
The theme changes many times, just like today, the theme was Retro Spective. It is basically a fashion and textile history gallery. Check it out before it ends in November and photography is sadly prohibited. 
It really feels like your stepping into the world of fashion and textiles. It was really paradise for me. It is just located on the right side of the campus.  The picture drop waist dresses from the 60's I saw are currently back in fashion and the 90's grunge style as well.  And remember you won't look old wearing any of those this Spring/Summer 2013 while they are back in style. They also reminded me of what I saw in the Spring/Summer 2013 fashion shows.  
The tour of the museum was really like a time machine, traveling from one fashion collection to another and the exit takes you back to the present.  As a hobby, I always loved fashion researching and seeing different style decades. Thats why decade themes were always one of my favorites for parties and dress up days in Middle School and High School!
The best place in the USA for fashion, I shall say is New York City. Many of the best US brands are from there and many well known designers are from there as well.  So check out FIT or Parsons for fashion courses or any creative arts.

Have fun in your style time machines!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

P.S I did not expect to blog today, I forgot I actually am leaving for Boston tomorrow instead! Gd night everyone! See you all on July 4!


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