Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

I wish a very big happy 4th of July to everyone in the USA! Here is the 4th of July outfit I told you to stay tuned for. While I am a US Citezen myself, but Filipino/Singaporean by blood, I decided to dress for the 4th of July theme while I had this tank top I got at a good deal at Greenhills Tiangge (two for PHP 150). A US Flag top or a Striped shirt and stars pants will be great as well or vise versa. What I saw all over Boston today, were US flag high waisted shorts and US flag tank tops. What I think will look great with patriotic shorts, would be a starry denim jacket so that your outfit won't look too typical. The Uncle Sam or Yankee Doodle hats were also very popular and constantly worn. I also had fun seeing a guy dressed like Uncle Sam and a girl dressed like Betsy Ross, but it was too expensive to have a photo with them. So I just had a secret snapshot of them myself.
What I thought would also look nice would be a stars and stripes tube dress. That reminds me of Betsey Ross in a way. But I think its cute too and we must all remember that Betsy Ross was the one who made the first American flag!
Another tip would be to combine red white and blue together by picking out pieces in your closet with American flag pumps if you have them in your wardrobe and only wear them if you are going indoors. For headdresses, bandanas, an Uncle Sam hat and flower crowns would look great.
 Or spice up your hair with temporary hair dye. I decided to try something new today by wearing my American flag bandana I found in my closet since I never tried that hairstyle before, with a bun and a bandana. If you are having a pool Barbecue party, throw on an American flag bikini you can get at Target while those whole live in houses constantly have Barbecue parties on the 4th of July! I hope you all have a great night partying and rocking your patriotic fashion!

Here I am wearing this American flag tank top from Greenhills tiangge in the Philippines that was at a good deal (two tank tops for PHP 150) That was one of the best shopping trips ever. I got this moto jacket at a local store in the Philippines called NAVA that was only PHP 845. The clothes and accessories are stylish and affordable. When Chris Brown and Rhianna came to Manila, they even visited that store. The branches are in Power Plant Mall and Market! Market!

I paired it with an American flag bandana I got at Claire's a few years ago. You can get patriotic accessories from that store at a very affordable price for students. 

I am wearing a pair of vertical striped pants from Forever 21 that are newly bought from Forever 21 at Jersey Gardens Outlet in New Jersey, USA near the Newark airport. I was really jumpy after purchasing these pants because they were my dream.  I threw this cheetah belt on from Trunk Show, Philippines that was only PHP 250. I always love animal studs!

To match it, I threw on these indigo blue ballet flats that feel like jelly shoes. I got them at ALDO in Singapore for only SGD$ 41. You can wear shoes like these to outdoor events as well. I sometimes use them as my emergency flats when I walk around in 6 inch heels.  Hope you all enjoyed this fashion tip! Good luck!

Luv you all fashionistas!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica) 

"Dressing for a theme is like a styling party"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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