Monday, July 1, 2013

Fashion at Music festivals

Floral crowns, leather, boots and crop tops are the most popular fashion pieces to wear at a music festival. This is one of the latest news, trends/shopping and street style at . It looks like everybody is summer loving in these outfits for the summer. They were almost exactly what I saw on a train in New York City when a bunch of girls came from a festival. Wayfarer sunglasses are still looking hot while many of them are being sold in almost every store. I am loving the Guns N Roses outfit at the top left the most! Id wear that to a music festival to suit the music theme. So edgy and comfy at the same time. I love street style the most while I am a lover of tough and edgy looks. So Id love to wear combat boots to a music festival. They are still an on going fad. It all started with the grunge fashion of the 90's.

The flower crown has been looking hot at music festivals and this summer. They all started with the flower child fashion of the 1970's. You can get them at Claire's or just a normal flower elastic at H&M. I saw it at one of the biggest stores in NYC! I can't get enough of the shops in New York City! They are so huge! Its one true fashion capital.  I will be away from blogging for two days while I am off to Boston, MA tomorrow! See you all in two days!

Style up with music this summer!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

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