Friday, July 19, 2013

Studded Baseball Caps

From ALDO Accesories

At first we only had only ordinary baseball caps with painted on prints. Now creativity has flown up! I first saw a studded one in Market! Market! last year in September. Id love to own one of these someday while I think they are incredibly unique, loud and edgy. I would wear it with my leather pleated skirt. I also like to collect hats myself, so this will be the new baby to my hat family someday.  Even the Obey cap has been a trend, but I am not a fan of them as they will make me look like a guy and I am a girly girl myself.
I love the leopard print one above even though Ive been told before that I have many leopard prints already. I have actually noticed that myself, from young.   They are my favorite trends of 2012-2013. I hope they will still be a hit in 2014.  I started seeing a lot of them during my vacation in the USA at the local trendy stores. I love a lot of the shops in the United States while they have very edgy clothing and unique designs just like the local stores in Italy. I like how they are affordable and trendy at the same time. 

I like how many girls with edgy styles like me can wear this studded cap with an edgy outfit. I think Ill grow my hair longer first before I get one while I think I can pull it off better with longer hair. But I need to make sure that I do not look like a gangster that I would scare people. I need to make sure I still look chic. I can even wear this to the outdoors with my combat boots. To me these baseball caps are not  as guyish as a lot of other ones. I was never a fond of the guyish ones and I like how these studded ones are more suitable for women and can actually match with skirts.
So grab one now while they are very affordable and only cost USD$ 14.80. I thought its not a bad price for such a work of art.

Get your studs on!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Too much bling can feel like dumbbells sometimes"
-My Own Fashion quote of the day!

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